Eros Ramazzotti

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Eros Ramazzotti
Eros Ramazzotti, 2015
Background information
Birth nameEros Luciano Walter Ramazzotti
Born (1963-10-28) 28 October 1963 (age 60)
Roum, Italy
GenresAdult contemporary, pop, soft rock
ThriftMuisicker, sangster-sangwriter
InstrumentsVocals, guitar, piano
Years active1981–present
LabelsDDD, Ariola, Norte

Eros Luciano Walter Ramazzotti (born 28 October 1963), kent simply as Eros Ramazzotti, is an Italian muisicker an sangster-sangwriter.[1] Ramazzotti is popular in Italy an maist European kintras, an throuoot the Spainyie-speakin warld, as he haes released maist o his albums in baith Italian an Spainyie.[2]

Syne 1984, he haes released 11 studio albums, ane EP, three compilation albums, three live albums, an 37 singles. Ramazzotti haes sauld ower 55 million records in his 25-year career.[3] His repertory includes duets wi airtists such as Cher, Tina Turner, Andrea Bocelli, Patsy Kensit, Anastacia, Joe Cocker, Ricardo Arjona, Luciano Pavarotti, Laura Pausini, an Ricky Martin.[4]

Ramazzotti first gained internaitional success in 1993, wi the release o Tutte storie, which amassed sax million album sales an occupee'd the top five in ivery kintra whaur he haed previously released albums.[4] This success led tae a BMG International record contract in 1994.[4] His audience appeal comes frae several factors, includin his unique voice, which can be describit as somewha nasal but nivertheless forceful an resonant, an his energetic delivery o catchy, melodic tunes which are aften passionate mid-tempo autobiografical ballads, wi instrumentation that is rich in soft-rock influence.[5]

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bairnheid an early beginnins (1963–1981)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ramazzotti wis born on 28 October 1963 in Cinecittà, a suburb o Roum, Italy. He is the son o Rodolfo Ramazzotti, a construction wirker an Raffaela Molina, a hoosewife. His faither oreeginatit frae the province o Viterbo in Lazio an his mither frae the province o Vibo Valentia in Calabrie. He wis namit efter Eros, the Greek god o luve. He began playin the guitar at age seiven.[6] As a teenager, he wrote sangs wi help frae his faither who wis a muisic luver who played piano. He wantit tae attend a muisical conservatory but failed the admission examination, an stairtit trainin in beukkeepin, but droppit oot.[4] He occasionally appeared as an extra in films while dreamin o haein a career as a pop-starn.[4]

In 1981, Ramazzotti teuk pairt in a muisic contest, Voci Nuove di Castrocaro (New Voices o Castrocaro Terme) wi the sang "Rock 80", which he wrote, performin in front o various record label representatives.[1] Awtho the contest wis wan bi Zucchero an Fiordaliso, Ramazzotti reached the feenal an receivit twa votes frae Roberto Galanti an Baron Lando Lanni, who representit the recently launched Italian Label DDD (Drogueria di Drugolo). DDD gave Eros his first contract. He muivit tae Milan wi his brither Marco an his mither Raffaella, an they initially livit in the same biggin as the record label company.[4]

Career breakthrou (1982–1986)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ramazzotti's first single, "Ad un amico" (Tae a Friend), wis released in 1982, an wis no pairticularly well receivit.[7] Suin efter, Eros met Renato Brioschi,[4] who mentored the young airtist toward his first success in 1984 at the heichly regardit Sanremo Muisic Festival. His sang, "Terra promessa" (Promised Laund) wan the Newcomers' category, an wis subsequently released widely throuoot Europe.

In 1985, Ramazzotti again teuk pairt in the Sanremo Festival wi his sang "Una storia importante" (An Important Story), taken frae his debut album Cuori agitati (Troubled Herts). While anerlie placin saxt at the festival, "Una storia importante" wis released as a single an became a huge hit in mony European kintras, includin Fraunce whaur it sauld a million units.[4] His seicont album Nuovi eroi (New Heroes), released in 1986, earned twa Platinum-awairds in Swisserland wi ower 100,000 sales, an Gowd status in Germany wi ower 250,000 sales.[8][9] At his third Sanremo Festival appearance in 1986 his memorable single, "Adesso tu" (Now You) frae Nuovi eroi wan the oweraw competition.[7]

Popularity establisht (1987–1994)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Eros Ramazzotti in the early 1990s

In 1987, Ramazzotti went on a nine-month-lang tour efter releasin his third album In certi momenti (Sometimes), performin in front o mair nor a million fowk.[1] In certi momenti went Gowd in Germany wi ower 250,000 sales an Platinum in Swisserland wi ower 50,000 sales, an reached mair nor 3 million copies warldwide.[1][8][9] As his career developit, he performit "La Luce Buona Delle Stelle" (The Guid Licht o the Starns) wi Patsy Kensit on 22 November 1987, an released a seiven-track mini-album Musica è (Music Is) in Mey 1988.

His fifth album, In ogni senso (In Every Sense), released in Apryle 1990, attractit mair nor twa hunder jurnalists frae aroond the warld tae the album's press conference launch in Venice.[4] An American record producer, Clive Davis, advised Ramazzotti tae hauld a concert at the Radio City Music Hall in New York Ceety,[4] an he became the first Italian airtist tae perform at the renouned concert haw, performin afore a sell-oot croud. Housomeivver, he wis later disappointit tae learn that maist o his audience wis o Italian strynd, haein howpit for a mair widespread breakthrou.[6] Durin that visit tae the USA, Ramazzotti performit on TV shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno an Good Morning America.[6] In ogni senso earned multiple Gowd an Platinum album awairds aroond the warld, includin a Platinum in Germany for ower 500,000 sales,[9] a triple Platinum in Swisserland for ower 150,000 sales, an Platinum in the Netherlands for sales o ower 100,000 units.[10][11]

His 1991 double-CD release Eros in Concert wis follaeed bi anither lang tour, includin a concert in Barcelona, Spain afore 20,000 fans on 4 Dizember, the day o his live CD's release.[4]

In 1993, he released Tutte storie (All Stories), an he toured in Europe an 15 Laitin American kintras, whaur he haes released his Spainyie leid albums. That November, Ramazzotti performed "Cose della vita" (Things o Life) at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Berlin. Tutte storie entered the Top-5 album leet in mony kintras in Europe includin Italy, Germany, Swisserland, Austrick, the Netherlands, Swaden an Norawa.[12] The album earned Ramazzotti fower Platinums in Swisserland for sales o ower 200,000 units, a Platinum in Germany for sales o ower 500,000 units,[9][10] an Platinum status in mony ither kintras includin the Netherlands, Swaden, Argentinae an Austrick.[13][14][15][16] Tutte storie eventually sauld sax million copies warldwide which played a significant role in helpin Ramazzotti get his contract wi BMG International.[4]

Warldwide commercial success (1995–2002)[eedit | eedit soorce]

In the simmer o 1995, Ramazzotti pairticipatit in the European simmer festival alang wi Rod Stewart, Elton John an Joe Cocker. His seiven-million-seller album, Dove c'è musica (Whaur Thare Is Muisic) wis released on 13 Mey 1996,[4] his first completely sel-producit album.[4] On Dizember 5 o the same year, his companion o several years an futur wife Michelle Hunziker (Swiss model an televeesion host) gave birth tae their dochter, Aurora Sophie.[4]

In October 1997, he released Eros – Greatest Hits, which contained twa new sangs, "Quanto amore sei" (Hou Hintle Luve Are You) an "Ancora un minuto di sole" (Juist Ane Mair Minute o Sunshine), as well as rewirkit versions o previous hits includin "Musica è" (duet wi Andrea Bocelli) an "Cose della vita – Can't Stop Thinking of You" in a duet wi Tina Turner. This collection entered the Top-5 in Fraunce, Belgium, Swaden an Finland, an reached No. 1 in several kintras includin Italy, Germany, Swisserland, Austrick, the Netherlands an Norawa, sellin 1.2 million units in its first week o release accordin tae BMG International.[17][18][19][20] The album wis certifee'd five times Platinum bi IFPI (Europe) for sellin well ower five million units in Europe alone.[21] The album attained twa Latin-teep Platinum certifications bi RIAA for sales o ower 400,000 units in USA an aw.[22] That year, Ramazzotti wis awairdit "Best International Male Artist of the Year" at Germany's Echo Music Awards.[23]

In 1998, he released the live CD Eros Live, which includit twa duets recordit durin the warld tour, "Cose della vita-Can’t Stop Thinking of You" featurin Tina Turner, an "That's All I Need to Know-Difenderò" wi Joe Cocker, performit in Munich. In 1999, Ramazzotti again collaboratit wi Italian superstarn Andrea Bocelli, singin "Nel Cuore Lei" (In Your Heart) for Bocelli's album, Sogno (Dream). The album sauld ower 10 million albums warldwide, gainin mair recognition for Ramazzotti. In 1999, he wis again awairdit as "Best International Male Artist of the Year" at Germany's Echo Music Awards.[24]

Ramazzotti gained a reputation as a saisoned producer wi the album Come fa bene l’amore (Feels good to love) bi Gianni Morandi in the beginnin o 2000.[4] That October, he delivered his aicht studio album Stilelibero (Freestyle), which contained a duet wi the American diva, Cher, in the sang "Più che puoi" (As Hintle As You Can). The album, the result o a collaboration o several producers includin Celso Valli, Claudio Guidetti, Trevor Horn an Rick Nowels, reached the Top-5 album chairts throuoot Europe an wis certifee'd twa times Platinum bi IFPI (Europe) for sales o ower twa million units in Europe alane.[21][25] In the course o the internaitional tour for Stilelibero, Ramazzotti appeared in eastren European kintras includin Moscow, Roushie an aw whaur he gave a three-day sauld oot concerts at Kremlin Palace.[4]

Continued success (2003–present)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Eros Ramazzotti at Sommarkrysset 2009

On 30 Mey 2003, Ramazzotti released his nint studio album, entitled 9. The first single, "Un'emozione per sempre" (An Emotion Foriver) wis released on 9 Mey, an wis nummer ane in Italy's offeecial single chairt for 14 consecutive weeks.[4] The album, producit alang wi Claudio Guidetti an Eros's langtime muisical friend Celso Valli, stayed at the No. 1 position for nine weeks in Italy's offeecial album chairt.[4] 9 went on sellin 3.5 million copies, 1.1 million o which wur sauld in Italy alane.[4] He began his warld tour in Ancona, Italy which wis set tae hae 100 dates in front o audiences o up tae ane million fowk (56 dates o which wur done in Europe in front o 550,000 fowk).[4]

On 28 October 2005, Ramazzotti's 10t album Calma apparente (Apparent Calm) wis released on the day o his birthday, which he producit thegither wi Claudio Guidetti. The album Calma apparente, which wis certifee'd Platinum athin a period o juist ane month efter its release for sellin ower ane million copies in Europe,[26] contains the duet hit single "I Belong to You" wi American sangster Anastacia, the single went No. 1 in several kintras includin Italy, Germany an Swisserland.[27]

Mair nor ten years efter Ramazzotti's first compilation album Eros, which haes sauld total o 7.5 million copies warldwide an haes reached No. 1 in mony kintras includin Germany,[4][20] Ramazzotti released a new double-CD compilation-album on 26 October 2007; the first CD contained fower new tracks an 14 oreeginal sangs in a remastered format, an the seicont CD haed 17 redone tracks, an featurt airtists such as Carlos Santana, Wyclef Jean, Steve Vai, Jon Spencer. The fower unreleased pieces on the album include a new internaitional duet "Non siamo soli" (We're No Alane) which Eros sings alang wi Laitin pop starn Ricky Martin. This became the first single taken aff the album, an wis available for sale on 5 October 2007, reachin the top spot in Italy an enterin the top-5 in Swisserland an Spain.[28][29] In Spain, the Spainyie-leid version "No estamos solos" wis certifee'd fower times Platinum for haein been dounloadit ower 80,000 times in Digital format, whareas it wis certifee'd sax times Platinum for haein been dounloadit 120,000 in Original Tone format (equivalent tae US Master Ringtone).[29] The single, available baith in Italian an Spainyie, wis written bi Ramazzotti an his langtime sangwritin pairtner Claudio Guidetti.[30]

Ramazzotti's 11-track album, Ali e radici (Wings an Ruits), wis released on 22 Mey 2009, producit bi Eros hissel as well as his lang time muisical pairtner Claudio Guidetti; in addeetion, sax tracks on the album are co-producit bi Michele Canova who haes previously wirkit wi airtists such as Laura Pausini, Tiziano Ferro an Jovanotti.[31] The first single "Parla con me" ("Talk tae Me"), released on 17 Mey 2009, aff his 11t studio album, is a catchy pop sang which haes peakit at No. 1 in Italy an No. 8 in Swisserland.[32] The album wis available baith in a staundart-edition as well as in a deluxe-edition, which includes 64-page beuklet o photographs, an it entered the Top-5 in Germany, Austrick, the Netherlands, Fraunce, Swaden, an wis nummer-ane in Italy an Swisserland.[20][33]

Ramazzotti's twalt studio album, Noi wis released on 13 November 2012 in Italy an November 16 in ither European territories includin Germany. The album contains 14 tracks includin duets wi Andy Garcia, Nicole Scherzinger as well as collaborations wi Club Dogo, Il Volo an Hooverphonic. The first single from the album entitled "Un angelo disteso al sole" wis released on 13 October 2012, that haes awready peakit at No.5 in Ramazzotti's hame mercat, Italy.[34]

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ramazzotti wis marriet frae 24 Apryle 1998 tae 25 Mairch 2009 tae Swiss model an actress Michelle Hunziker. They hae a dochter, Aurora, that wis born on 5 Dizember 1996. His 320-page autobiography, co-written bi Luca Bianchini, wis furthset 13 Aprile 2006.[35]

Ramazzotti haes a dochter wi Marica Pellegrinelli an aw, an Italian model an actress. They'e namit their dochter Raffaela Maria.[36]

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Awairds[eedit | eedit soorce]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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