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Munich is located in Germany
Coordinates: 48°8′0″N 11°34′0″E / 48.13333°N 11.56667°E / 48.13333; 11.56667Coordinates: 48°8′0″N 11°34′0″E / 48.13333°N 11.56667°E / 48.13333; 11.56667
Admin. regionUpper Bavarie
DestrictUrban destrict
First mentioned1158
Subdivisions25 burghs
 • Laird MayorDieter Reiter (SPD)
 • Governing partiesSPD / Greens / Rosa Liste
 • City310.43 km2 (119.86 sq mi)
519 m (1,703 ft)
 • City1,512,491
 • Density4,900/km2 (13,000/sq mi)
 • Urban
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Diallin codes089
Vehicle registrationM

Munich (German: München, pronounced [ˈmʏnçən] ( listen); Bavarian: Minga[3]) is the caipital ceety o Bavarie (Bayern), Germany. It is locatit on the River Isar north o the Bavarie Alps. Munich is the third lairgest ceety in Germany, efter Berlin an Hamburgh. Thare are aboot 1.35 million fowk livin athin ceety limits, while the Munich Metropolitan Aurie (includin the urban auries o Augsburg, Ingolstadt, Rosenheim an Landshut) is hame tae ower 5 million fowk.[4] Munich hostit the 1972 Simmer Olympics.

The ceety's motto is "München mag Dich" (Munich Loves You). Afore 2006, it wis "Weltstadt mit Herz" (Cosmopolitan ceety wi a hert). Its native name, München, is derived frae the Auld Hie German Munichen, meanin "bi the monks' place". The ceety's name derives frae the monks o the Benedictine order who foondit the ceety; hence the monk depictit on the ceety's coat o airms. Black an gowd—the colours o the Holy Roman Empire—hae been the ceety's offeeial colours syne the time o Ludwig the Bavarie.

Munich is no the anerlie location athin Bavarie kent as "München". Three such locations exist: ane that is kent as "Munich", anither that is locatit northeast o the ceety o Nuremberg, an a third, Hutthurm, that is locatit north o Passau.

Modren Munich is a financial an publishin hub, an a frequently top-ranked destination for migration an ex-patriate location in livability rankins. Munich achieved 7t place in frequently quotit Mercer livability rankins in 2010.[5] For economic an social innovation, the ceety wis ranked 15t globally oot o 289 ceeties in 2010, an 5t in Germany bi the 2thinknow Innovation Cities Index based on analysis o 162 indicators.[6] In 2010, Monocle ranked Munich as the warld's maist livable ceety.[7]

Internaitional relations

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Plaques in the Neues Rathaus (New Ceety Hall) showin Munich's sister ceeties

Munich is twinned wi the follaein ceeties (date o agreement shown in parentheses).


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