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Location o Gimje in Jeollabuk-do

Gimje (Gimje-si) is a ceety in the province o Jeollabuk-do, Republic o Korea.


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  • Ceety Bird : Dove
  • Ceety Tree : Zelkova tree
  • Ceety Flouer : Zinnia


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Gimje aurie haes been cultivatit syne auncient times. Naitions o early date ascend in year 200. Baekje Kinrick invadit an incorporatit several sma mahan states intae hersel in the 13t year o King Onjo’s reign. Efter lang times, Baekje Kinrick chyngit its name as Byeogol but its date is no clear.

Baekje Kinrick wis ruined bi Tang an Silla Kinricks an Unified Silla Kinrick chyngit intae current term, Gimje ceety.

Goryeo dynasty raised up its position tae Gimje Destrict in the 21st year o Keeng Injong’s reign.

In Joseon Dynasty, Gimje firstly appeared in the year 1466 when Sejo o Joseon ruled. He promoted ance again Gimje as independent coonty. In 1628, Gwanghaegun o Joseon combined near destrict cried Mangyeong Destrict intae Gimje Coonty. [1]

Horizontal festival

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Gimje is the anerlie ane region whaur Koreans can see horizon in landlocked aurie. Ceety govrenment enhanced its cultural characteristic o cultivatin rice an ither species for a lang time. Gimje wis unner Baekje Kinrick an wis ane o the best aurie for growin rice in the 20t century, too. The festival wis appointit Excellent Festival for 4 years syne 2004. It an aa providit chance for ceety residents tae feel traditional fermin methods.[2]

Sister ceeties

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Fowk frae Gimje

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