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Ulsan (Korean pronunciation: [ul.s͈an]), offeecially the Ulsan Metropolitan Ceety, is the Republic o Korea's seivent lairgest metropolis wi a population o ower 1.1 million. It is locatit in the sooth-east o the kintra, neighborin Busan tae the sooth an facing Gyeongju tae the north an the Sea o Japan (East Sea) tae the east.

Ulsan is the industrial pouerhoose o the Republic o Korea, formin the hert o the Ulsan Industrial District, which is hame tae the warld's lairgest automobile assembly plant operatit bi Hyundai Motors,[1] the warld's lairgest shipyard operatit bi Hyundai Heavy Industries[2] and the world's lairgest oil refinery owned by SK Energy.[3] In 2008, Ulsan haed a GDP per caipita o $63,817, the heichest bi far in the Republic o Korea.[4]


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Coordinates: 35°33′00″N 129°19′00″E / 35.55°N 129.31666666667°E / 35.55; 129.31666666667