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Sejong Ceety

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Sejong Special Sel-Govrenin Ceety
 • Hangul세종특별자치시
 • Hanja世宗特別自治市
 • Revised RomanizationSejong Teukbyeol-jachisi
 • McCune-ReischauerSejong T’ŭkpyŏl-chach’isi
Banner o Sejong
Map o Sooth Korea wi Sejong heichlichtit
Map o Sooth Korea wi Sejong heichlichtit
Kintra Sooth Korea
 • MayorYu Han-sik
 • Total465.23 km2 (179.63 sq mi)
 • Total122,263
 • Dialect
Chungcheong & Seoul
Websitesejong.go.kr (in Inglis)
Construction steid in Sejong, November 2009

Sejong (Hangul: 세종, hanja: 世宗), offeecially Sejong Special Sel-Govrenin Ceety an umwhile kent as Yeongi coonty (연기, 燕岐) is a planned ceety in Sooth Korea. In early 2007, the Sooth Korean govrenment decidit tae creaut a special admeenistrative destrict hoosin nine meenistries an fower naitional agencies currently locatit in Seoul oot o pairts o Chungcheongnam-do an a smaw section o Chungcheongbuk-do provinces, near Daejeon. The caipital opened on 2 Julie 2012, wi 36 govrenment agencies slatit tae muive thare bi 2015.[2]

Sejong wis namit in honour o the Joseon Dynasty Keeng Sejong, the faither o Korea's naitional alphabet.[3]

The ceety wis oreeginally cried Yeongi coonty (연기, 燕岐).


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In 2004, the plan for creation o the ceety arose efter the failur o umwhile Preses Roh Moo-hyun tae relocate the naitional caipital frae Seoul tae the region.[4] The plan envisages a ceety wi a population o aroond 500,000 [5]

Plans for the ceety hae resultit in numerous disputes in the Naitional Assembly. In September 2009 Prime Meenister Chung Un-chan opined that the plan tae big Sejong as a naitional admeenistrative centre wis "no an efficient policy when viewed frae the eyes o an economist." (Chung wad later further criticise Sejong as pork barrel politics, proposed "anerlie in consideration o garnerin mair votes.") [6] This led tae mair nor a thoosand senior scholars an politicians includin three umwhile prime ministers tae caw for a revision o the plan.[7] Geum Chang-ho, a senior research fellae o the Korea Research Institute for Local Administration, notit that the oreeginal plan haed drawn criticism that the ceety wad hae mony o the ten thoosan govrenment employees separatit frae thair faimilies, which wad remain in the Seoul aurie tae tak advantage o sic amenities as perceivit superior educational opportunities. As a result o the separations, Sejong wad experience a toadstool effect, wi bars, nichtclubs etc. springin up virtually owernicht. Tharefore, the govrenment haes "been studyin weys tae mak Sejong sel-sufficient..." [5]. The Grand Naitional Pairty (Saenuri Pairty) plans tae alleviate internal conflict an seek support frae the Chungcheong region for the govrenment's new plan tae develop Sejong intae a hub o eddication, science an business.

A faction led bi Preses Lee Myung-bak's poleetical rival Rep. Park Geun-hye athin the Grand Naitional Pairty, aw opposition pairties an a majority o fowk in the Chungcheong region are against scrappin the oreeginal plan tae relocate govrenment meenistries tae Sejong in Sooth Chungcheong Province. The ceety wis oreeginally meant tae be the caipital, but a heich court ruled it tae be illegal.[2]


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Sejong is locatit atween three ither major Korean ceeties: Daejeon, Cheonan an Cheongju.

Admeenistrative diveesions

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Hansol-dong an Jochiwon-eup is the ceety main urban center. Sejong is dividit intae 1 dong (neebourheid), 1 eup (toun) an 9 myeon (tounships).

Name Hangul Hanja
Hansol-dong 한솔동 한솔洞
Jochiwon-eup 조치원읍 鳥致院邑
Yeongi-myeon 연기면 燕岐面
Geumnam-myeon 금남면 錦南面
Janggun-myeon 장군면 將軍面
Bugang-myeon 부강면 芙江面
Yeonseo-myeon 연서면 燕西面
Yeondong-myeon 연동면 燕東面
Jeonui-myeon 전의면 全義面
Jeondong-myeon 전동면 全東面
Sojeong-myeon 소정면 小井面

Population an demografics

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Mony o the foreign-born teachers that wirk in Jochiwon-eup live in Chimsan-ri, an the estimatit native Inglis foreigner population is aroond 50. As o 2011, Sejong haes a lairge foreign commonty o native Inglis speakers considerin its smaw size an population. This is acause thare are twa major varsities thare. The ceety aims tae hae a population o 20,000 at the end o 2012, 300,000 bi 2020 an 500,000 bi 2030.[8]

Educational facilities

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Universities wi graduate schuils

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Sejong is servit bi Cheongju International Airport in Cheongju an aw, the nearest airport tae Sejong.

Naitional railwey

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Sejong is centrally locatit on Gyeongbu Line operatit bi Korail. It's a 90 minute journey on the Mugunghwa-ho tae Seoul an trains run approximately ivery 30 minutes. An aw juist ootside o Jochiwon-eup leemits in Osong, Cheongwon haes a new KTX station Osong Station which is a KTX bullet train that frequently travels 300 km/h.

Freemit airtins

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