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Chuncheon (Korean: 춘천) is the caipital o Gangwon Province, Sooth Korea. The ceety lees in the northeast o the kintra, locatit in a basin formed bi the Soyang River an Han River. There are some muckle lakes aroond the ceety, maist notably Lake Soyang an Lake Uiam. The aurie is renouned for its sma river islands, such as Sangjungdo, Ha-Jungdo, Bungeo Island, an Wido.

It is nou a popular destination amang East Asiae tourists as it wis featured in the popular Korean drama Winter Sonata. It is whaur the resort island o Namiseom is locatit.

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Coordinates: 37°52′29″N 127°44′03″E / 37.8747°N 127.7342°E / 37.8747; 127.7342