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Korean transcription(s)
 • Hangul구리시
 • Hanja九里市
 • Revised RomanizationGuri-si
 • McCune-ReischauerKuri-si
Comin intae Guri.
Comin intae Guri.
Location of Guri
Kintra Sooth Korea
Admeenistrative diveesions8 dong
 • Total33.3 km2 (12.9 sq mi)
 • Total211,720
 • Density5550/km2 (14,400/sq mi)
 • Dialect

Guri is a ceety in Gyeonggi-do, Sooth Korea. The name "Guri" is thocht bi some tae mean "nine veelages," which is reflectit in the Hanja (Cheenese chairacters; gu - nine; veelage - ri/li) for the toun. It is locatit immediately tae the east o Seoul, in the hert o the Caipital Metropolitan Aurie.

The Ryal Tombs o the Joseon Dynasty (dong-gu-reung) are locatit in the ceety. The law muntain o Achasan is locatit here an aw, steid o the Baekje-era Acha Mountain Fortress an numerous hikin trails. It haes pleasant walkin paths alang Wang-suk-cheon an aw, a sma creek separatin Guri frae Namyangju. The tradeetional toun mercat in Toldari (Guri's dountoun aroond wha uised tae be a "stane brig") provides a cheap alternative tae depairtment stores.

Guri first became a separate ceety in 1986. Previously, it haed been considered pairt o Yangju frae antiquity till 1980, an pairt o Namyangju frae 1980 tae 1986. The name "Guri" wis first uised in 1914, at which time it wis a myeon in Yangju. Guri is connectit tae Seoul via a commuter railwey (Jungang Line), as well as numerous ceety transit an interceety buses.

Location[eedit | eedit soorce]

It lees east-northren aurie o Gyeonggi province. Thare is Mt.Acha tae the wast an Namyanju ceety tae east.

The whole aurie is 33.29㎢. In fact, Guri uised tae be bigger but some o the tounships wur incorporatit intae Seoul an ither ceeties surroondin Guri.

Topografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Gwangju muntains are aroond the northren wast aurie o Guri ceety. Thay are uisually mair nor 1000m but tae the exact wast, thare are lawer hills.

Wamgsil stream an Han river flow intae ceety an its tributaries are aboot 17.

Statistics[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Land Uise:

Land Uise

  • Temperatur Range:

Temperature Range

  • Miscellaneous:
Population: 170,000
Daily Daiths: 1.9
Daily Marriage: 3.1
Daily Divorce: 1.3
Fires a Day: 0.3
Students per Teacher: 25
Amoont o Caurs: 40,910

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