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Admeenistrative diveesions o Sooth Korea

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Admeenistrative diveesions o the Sooth Korea.

Sooth Korea is dividit intae 8 provinces (do), 1 special autonomous province (teukbyeol jachido), 6 metropolitan ceties (gwangyeoksi), an 1 special ceety (teukbyeolsi). These are further subdividit intae a variety o smawer entities, includin ceeties (si), coonties (gun), destricts (gu), touns (eup), tounships (myeon), neighborhuids (dong) an veelages (ri).

Note on translation: awtho the terms "Special Ceety", "Metropolitan Ceety", "Province", an "Ceety" are commonly uised on Inglis-leid govrenment wabsteids, the ither translations — "coonty", "toun", "destrict", etc. — are nae offeecial translations, an are anerlie intendit tae serve as uiseful illustrations o ilka entity's meanin. The northwastren islands o Yeonpyeong Island, Baengnyeong Island, Daecheong Island, an the muckle smawer Socheong Island are pairt o Ongjin.

Provincial level diveesions

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Do (Province)

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A "do" (도, ) is equivalent tae a province an ane o the primary diveesions o the kintra, alang wi "teukbyeolsi" (특별시) an "gwangyeoksi (광역시)". Sooth Korea haes 8 provinces an ane special sel-govrenin province (teukbyeol jachido; 특별 자치도; 特別自治道).

Ilka province is subdividit intae ceeties ("si") an coonties ("gun").

Gwangyeoksi (Metropolitan Ceety)

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Gwangyeoksi (광역시; 廣域市), or "metropolitan cities", are major ceeties that are no pairt o ony province, but exist independently an are sel-govrened. Thay are comparable tae Cheenae's direct-controlled municipalities or even Breetish metropolitan coonties. Sooth Korea haes 6 metropolitan ceeties wi provincial status.

Ilka Metropolitan Ceety are dividit intae wards ("gu") an ootlyin coonties ("gun") comparable tae Breetish non-metropolitan coonties.

Teukbyeolsi (Special Ceety)

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A "teukbyeolsi" (특별시; 特別市) is ane o the primary diveesions o the kintra, alang wi gwangyeoksi an do. Sooth Korea haes anerlie ane special ceety. Seoul is dividit intae destricts ("gu").

Leet o Province level diveesions

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# Romaja Hangul Hanja Type Caipital Region Population1 Aurie2 Density3 ISO
1 Seoul 서울시 (首爾)市4 Special Ceety (Jung-gu, Seoul) Sudogwon 10,421,782 605.25 17,219 KR-11
2 Busan 부산시 釜山市 Metropolitan Ceety (Yeonje-gu, Busan) Yeongnam 3,635,389 763.46 4,762 KR-26
3 Incheon 인천시 仁川市 Metropolitan Ceety (Namdong-gu, Incheon) Sudogwon 2,628,000 964.53 2,724.6 KR-28
4 Daegu 대구시 大邱市 Metropolitan Ceety (Jung-gu, Daegu) Yeongnam 2,512,604 884.15 2,842 KR-27
5 Gwangju 광주시 光州市 Metropolitan Ceety (Seo-gu, Gwangju) Honam 1,415,953 501.36 2,824 KR-29
6 Daejeon 대전시 大田市 Metropolitan Ceety (Seo-gu, Daejeon) Hoseo 1,442,857 539.84 2,673 KR-30
7 Ulsan 울산시 蔚山市 Metropolitan Ceety (Nam-gu, Ulsan) Yeongnam 1,087,958 1,056.4 1,030 KR-31
8 Gyeonggi 경기도 京畿道 Province Suwon Sudogwon 10,415,399 10,131 1,028 KR-41
9 Gangwon 강원도 江原道 Province Chuncheon Gwandong 1,592,000 16,894 94 KR-42
10 Chungcheongbuk 충청북도 忠清北道 Province Cheongju Hoseo 1,462,621 7,436 197 KR-43
11 Chungcheongnam 충청남도 忠清南道 Province Daejeon Hoseo 1,840,4105 8,3525 2205 KR-44
12 Jeollabuk 전라북도 全羅北道 Province Jeonju Honam 1,890,669 8,043 235 KR-45
13 Jeollanam 전라남도 全羅南道 Province Muan Honam 1,994,287 11,858 168 KR-46
14 Gyeongsangbuk 경상북도 慶尙北道 Province Daegu Yeongnam 2,775,8906 19,4406 1436 KR-47
15 Gyeongsangnam 경상남도 慶尙南道 Province Changwon Yeongnam 2,970,929 11,859 251 KR-48
16 Jeju 제주도 濟州道 Special Sel-govrenin Province Jeju Ceety Jejudo 560,000 1,845.55 303 KR-49

Notes: 1 as o 2000; 2 km²; 3 per km²; 4see Names o Seoul; 5 Daejeon excludit; 6 Daegu excludit 7 currently bein planned


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Awtho the details o local admeenistration hae chynged dramatically ower time, the basic ootline o the current three-tiered seestem wis implementit unner the reign o Gojong in 1895. A seemilar seestem an aa remains in uise in North Korea.

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