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For the veelage in Iran, see Shanbarak.
Chambarak kintraside.
Chambarak kintraside.
Chambarak Ճամբարակ is locatit in Armenie
Chambarak Ճամբարակ
Coordinates: 40°35′43″N 45°20′51″E / 40.59528°N 45.34750°E / 40.59528; 45.34750
Marz (Province)Gegharkunik
 • Tot6,730
Time zoneUTC+4 (UTC)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+5 (DST)

Chambarak (Ճամբարակ Romanisit as Jambarak an aw; till 1920, Mikhaylovka, frae 1920-1972, Karmir Gyugh, frae 1972-1991, Krasnoye, Krasnosel’sk, Krasnosyelsk, an Kraside) is a toun in the Gegharkunik Province o Armenie. Chambarak wis foondit in 1835-40 on the Getik River bi Roushie immigrants, wi the name Mikhaylovka. Karmir Gyugh an Krasnosyelsk baith mean "Red Veelage" in Armenie an Roushie, respectively. Thare are some 13t century khachkars in the toun.

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