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Ceety an Union Territory
Open Hand Monument
Chandigarh is locatit in Indie
Coordinates: 30°44′14″N 76°47′14″E / 30.73722°N 76.78722°E / 30.73722; 76.78722
Kintra  Indie
Union Territory/Ceety Chandigarh
Seat o Govrenment Chandigarh
 • Admeenistrator o UT Shivraj V. Patil
 • Mayor Subhash Chawla
 • Commissioner Vivek Pratap Singh
 • Ceety an Union Territory 114 km2 (44 sq mi)
Aurie rank 33
Elevation 350 m (1,150 ft)
 • Ceety an Union Territory 960,787
 • Rank 29t
 • Density 8,400/km2 (22,000/sq mi)
 • Metro[1] 1,025,682
 • Principal[3] Hindi, Panjabi, Inglis
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 160xxx
Telephone code 91-172-XXX XXXX
ISO 3166 code IN-CH
Vehicle registration CH-01 to CH-04,HR-70,PB-01
HDI Increase
HDI Category very high
Literacy 81.9
The city of Chandigarh comprises all of the union territory's area

Chandigarh is a ceety union territory in Indie that serves as the caipital o twa states, Punjab an Haryana. The name Chandigarh translates as "The Fort o Chandi". The name is derivit frae a auncient temple cried Chandi Mandir, devotit tae the Hindu goddess Chandi, near the ceety.[4]

The ceety o Chandigarh wis the first planned ceety in Indie post independence in 1947 (pre-independence planned ceeties include Dispur in Assam, New Delhi in Delhi, Jaipur in Rajasthan, etc.) an is kent internaitionally for its airchitectur an urban design.[5] The ceety haes projects designed bi airchitects such as Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Jane Drew, Maxwell Fry an Narinder S. Lamba. The ceety tops the leet o Indian States an Union Territories wi the heichest per caipita income in the kintra at ₹99,262 (US$1,500) at current prices an ₹70,361 (US$1,100) at constant prices (2006–2007).[6] The ceety wis reportit in 2010 tae be the "cleanest" in Indie, based on a naitional govrenment study,[7] an the territory heidit the leet o Indie states an territories accordin tae research conductit uisin 2005 data bi Human Development Index.[8]

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