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Location o Jharkhand in Indie
Location o Jharkhand in Indie
Cairt o Jharkhand
Cairt o Jharkhand
Coordinates (Ranchi Patna): 23°21′N 85°20′E / 23.35°N 85.33°E / 23.35; 85.33
Kintra Indie
Established15 November 2000
Lairgest ceetyJamshedpur
 • GovrenorSyed Ahmed
 • Chief MeenisterHemant Soren (JMM)
 • LegislatureUnicameral (82 seats)
 • 14t Lok Sabha+ Rajya Sabha14+6
 • Total79,714 km2 (30,778 sq mi)
Area rank15t
 • Total32,966,238
 • Rank13t
 • Density414/km2 (1,070/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+05:30 (IST)
ISO 3166 codeIN-JH
HDIIncrease 0.513 (medium)
HDI rank24t (2005)
Literacy67.6% (25t)
Offeecial leidsHindi, Santhali, Mundari, Bengali, HO, Kurukh,[1]

Jharkhand (Jhārkhaṇḍ, pronoonced [ˈdʒʱaːrkʰəɳɖ] ( listen);Hindi: झारखंड) is a state in eastren Indie. It wis carved oot o the soothren pairt o Bihar on 15 November 2000.[2] Jharkhand shares its border wi the states o Bihar tae the north, Uttar Pradesh an Chhattisgarh tae the wast, Odisha tae the sooth, an Wast Bengal tae the east. It haes an aurie o 30,778 sq mi (79,710 km2). The industrial ceety o Ranchi is its caipital an Dumka is sub caipital while Jamshedpur is the lairgest an the biggest industrial ceety o the state. Some o the ither major ceeties an industrial centres are Dhanbad, Bokaro an Hazaribagh.

The name "Jharkhand" means "The Land o Forests".[3]

Jharkhand accoonts for 40% o the mineral resoorces o Indie. Ranchi accoonts for 50% mineral production o the state, nearin aboot 18% o naition's mineral production.

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