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Ranchi ceety is seen frae Ranchi hill, kent as "Bariatu Hill" an aw.

Ranchi Aboot this soondpronunciation  (Hindi: राँची, Urdu: رانچی‎, Bengali: রাঁচি) is the caipital o the Indian state o Jharkhand. Jharkhand accoonts for 40% o the mineral resources o Indie. Ranchi accoonts for 50% mineral production o the state, nearin aboot 18% o naition's mineral production. For this reason Ranchi is cried the Manchester o the East an aw. Ranchi wis the centre o the Jharkhand movement[1] for a separate state for the tribal regions o Sooth Bihar, northren Orissa, Wastren Wast Bengal an the present eastren Chhattisgarh. Jharkhand State wis formed on 15 November 2000 bi carvin the Bihar diveesions o Chota Nagpur an Santhal Parganas.

Etymology[eedit | eedit soorce]

The name Ranchi comes frae the oreeginal Oraon veelage Archi at the site.[2] Archi derives frae the Oraon wird for bamboo grove or stave. Accordin tae legend, efter an altercation wi a spirit, a farmer beat the spirit wi his bamboo stave or archi. The spirit shoutit archi, archi, archi an vanished; Archi became Rachi, and Rachi became Ranchi.[3] Up tae 1927, the place wis kent as Rachi. Ane historically significant neighborhuid is Doranda ('duran' 'दुरङ' means sang an 'daah' 'दअः' means water in the Mundari leid), atween the Hinoo & Harmoo Rivers, whaur the ceevil station, treasury an kirk established bi the Breetish Raj wur destroyed bi rebel forces durin the Sepoy Mutiny.[4] The present Purani (auld) Ranchi marks the site o the auld veelage o Archi.

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Coordinates: 23°21′20″N 85°20′05″E / 23.3556°N 85.3347°E / 23.3556; 85.3347