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Jammu an Kashmir

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Jammu and Kashmir
Umwhile state
Banner o Jammu and Kashmir
Emblem o Jammu and Kashmir

Map o Jammu an Kashmir
CaipitalSrinagar (Mey-October)
Jammu (November-Apryle)[1]
 • Coordinates33°27′N 76°14′E / 33.45°N 76.24°E / 33.45; 76.24Coordinates: 33°27′N 76°14′E / 33.45°N 76.24°E / 33.45; 76.24
• 1954–1965 as Sadr-e-Riyasat; 1965–1967
Karan Singh (first)
• 2018–2019[2]
Satya Pal Malik (last)
Chief Meenister 
• 1947–1948 as Prime Meenister
Mehr Chand Mahajan (first)
• 2016–2018[3]
Mehbooba Mufti (last)
LegislaturJammu an Kashmir Legislatur
• Upper hoose
Jammu an Kashmir Legislative Cooncil (36 seats)
• Lower hoose
Jammu an Kashmir Legislative Assemmly (89 seats)
• Presidential order o 1954 comes intae force, established as state o Indie
14 Mey 1954
31 October 2019
Poleetical subdiveesions22 destricts
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Jammu an Kashmir (princely state)
Jammu an Kashmir (union territory)

Jammu an Kashmir wis a region umwhile admeenistered bi Indie as a state frae 1954 tae 2019, constitutin the soothren an sootheastren portion o the lairger Kashmir region, that haes been the subject o a dispute atween Indie, Pakistan an Cheenae syne the mid-20t century.[4][5]

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