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Union Territory
Taglang La moontain pass in Ladakh
Taglang La moontain pass in Ladakh
Ladakh (pink) in a cairt o Indian-admeenistered Kashmir
Ladakh (pink) in a cairt o Indian-admeenistered Kashmir
Ladakh is located in Indie
Destrict heidquarters o Leh Destrict
Coordinates: 34°10′12″N 77°34′48″E / 34.17000°N 77.58000°E / 34.17000; 77.58000Coordinates: 34°10′12″N 77°34′48″E / 34.17000°N 77.58000°E / 34.17000; 77.58000
Kintra Indie
 • Total86904 km2 (33,554 sq mi)
 • Total270,126
 • Density3.1/km2 (8.1/sq mi)
 • OffeecialLadakhi, Tibetan, Urdu, Balti
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationLeh: JK10; Kargil: JK07
Main ceetiesLeh, Kargil
Infant mortality rate19%[2] (1981)

Ladakh ("laund o heich passes") (Ladakhi: ལ་དྭགས la'dwags; Hindi: लद्दाख़ ; Urdu: لَدّاخ‎) is a union territory in India that currently extendit frae the Kuen Lun moontain range [3] tae the main Great Himalayas tae the sooth, inhabitit bi fowk o Indo-Aryan an Tibetan strynd.[4][5]

  1. This excludes Aksai Chin (37,555 km2), unner Cheenese admeenistration.


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