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Offeecial seal o Mizoram
Location o Mizoram in Indie
Location o Mizoram in Indie
Coordinates (Aizawl): 23°22′N 92°48′E / 23.36°N 92.8°E / 23.36; 92.8
Kintra  Indie
Established 20 Februar 1987
Caipital Aizawl
Largest ceety Aizawl
Destricts 8
 • Govrenor Vakkom Purushothaman
 • Chief Meenister Pu Lalthanhawla (INC)
 • Legislatur Unicameral (40 seats)
 • Parliamentary constituency 1
 • Heich Coort Gauhati Heich Coort
 • Total 21,081 km2 (8,139 sq mi)
Aurie rank 24t
Population (2011)
 • Tot 1,091,014
 • Rank 27t
 • Density 52/km2 (130/sq mi)
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)
ISO 3166 code IN-MZ
Literacy 91.58%[1](3rd)2011 Census
Offeecial leid Mizo.[2]
Wabsteid mizoram.gov.in

Mizoram Aboot this soondlisten ) (frae mi 'fowk', zo 'hill', ram 'kintra', leeterally "land o the hill fowk" / Mizo fowk) is ane o the Seiven Sister States o the North Eastren Indie, sharin borders wi the states o Tripura, Assam, Manipur an wi the neighbouring kintras o Bangladesh an Burma. Mizoram acame the 23rd state o Indie on 20 Februar 1987.[3] Its caipital is Aizawl.

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