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Map o Indie wi Telangana heichlichtit in red
Map o Indie wi Telangana heichlichtit in red
Coordinates: 18°N 79°E / 18°N 79°E / 18; 79
State Indie
RegionSooth Indie, Deccan
Established2 Juin 2014
Lairgest ceetyHyderabad
 • GovrenorE. S. L. Narasimhan
 • Chief meenisterKalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao (TRS)
 • LegislaturBicameral (119 + 40 seats)
 • Lok Sabha constituencies17
 • Heich CourtHeich Court o Judicatur at Hyderabad
 • Total112077 km2 (43,273 sq mi)
Area rank12t
 • Total35,193,978
 • Rank12t
 • Density307/km2 (800/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+05:30 (IST)
ISO 3166 codeIN-xx (no assigned)
Vehicle registrationTS[2]
Offeecial leidTelugu, Urdu
^† Joint Caipital wi Andhra Pradesh

Telangana (Telugu: తెల౦గాణ) is the 29t state o Indie. It wis pairt o Hyderabad State (Medak an Warangal diveesions) which wis ruled bi the Nizams. Telangana is bordered bi the states o Maharashtra tae the north an north-wast, Karnataka to the west, Chhattisgarh tae the north-east an Odisha tae the east. Andhra Pradesh State haed three main cultural regions: Telangana, Coastal Andhra an Rayalaseema. Telangana haes a aurie o 114,840 square kilometre (44,340 sq mi), an a population o 35,286,757 (2011 census) which wis 41.6% o Andhra Pradesh state population.[3][4][5]

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