Dromore, Coonty Doun

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Dromore (frae Erse Droim Mór meinin "mukkil rig") is a wee toun in Coonty Doun, Northren Ireland. Hit byds 19 mile sooth-wast o Belfast, on the A1 Belfast ti Dublin road. Hit haed 4,968 indwallers at the tyd o the 2001 Census an is in the Bannbrig Destrict.

The toun's middil is kent Mercat Square, whilk haes a set o stocks. Hit is in an auld linen-makin aurie. A weil-haint motte-an-bailey is tae the aest o the toun centur an thar is a mukkil ringforth anaw.

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Coordinates: 54°24′54″N 6°08′56″W / 54.415°N 6.149°W / 54.415; -6.149