Coonty Doun

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Coonty Doun
Contae an Dúin
Coontie Doon / Countie Doun
Coat o airms o Coonty Doun
Coat o airms
Motto(s): Absque Labore Nihil  (Laitin)
"Nothing athoot Labour"
Location of Coonty Doun
Kintra Unitit Kinrick
Region Northren Ireland
Province Ulster
Coonty seat Dounpatrick
 • Total 2,448 km2 (945 sq mi)
Aurie rank 12t
Population (2001) 492,840
 • Rank 4t
Contae an Dúin is the Irish name, Countie Doun[1] an Coontie Doon[2] are Ulster Scots spellins.

Coonty Doun, (Contae an Dúin in Erse - meanin Coonty o the Fort) is ane o the nine coonties that maks up Ulster an ane o the sax coonties that maks up Northren Ireland. The coonty forms an area o 2,448 km² (945 square mile). It lees in the Stewartry o Ulster. The coonty toun is Dounpatrick an the lairgest toun is Bangor. Coonties isna admeenistrative units o govrenment in Northren Ireland - see Local government in Northren Ireland for details o the 26 local govrenment destricts.

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