Yevgeny Adamov

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Yevgeny Adamov wi Preses o Roushie Vladimir Putin in Chelyabinsk Oblast on 31 Mairch 2000.

Yevgeny Olegovich Adamov (Roushie: Евге́ний Оле́гович Ада́мов, born 28 Aprile 1939) wis the heid o the Roushie atomic energy meenistry, MinAtom. He wis appointit bi Preses Boris Yeltsin in 1998 an oostit bi Preses Vladimir Putin in 2001.

Adamov, a nuclear pheesicist, than jyned the Dollezhal Institute.

In 2005, he wis reestit in Bern, Swisserland, on fraud chairges. The reest wis makkit at the request o the Unitit States. The US accuised Adamov o divertin up tae $9 million whilk the US Energy Department gied Roushie tae help impruive security at its nuclear facilities. Extradition requests war filed first bi the USA an than bi Roushie, whilk haes actively protestit the muive bi the US. Adamov wis finally extraditit tae Roushie. The muive wis widely covered as a successfu ploy bi the Roushie govrenment tae prevent Adamov frae tellin US authorities state secrets (an mebbes some creeminal secrets) that he ken.

On Februar 20, 2008, he wis convictit bi the Zamoskvoretsky court in Moscow o fraud an misuiss o pouer an sentenced tae 5.5 years o imprisonment.[1]

He wis released frae jyle whan his sentence wis suspendit bi a heicher-level court on Aprile 17, 2008.[2]

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