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Nuclear pouer

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Omega West Reactor Core shawin Cherenkov Radiation
Reactor Core shawin Cherenkov Radiation

Nuclear pouer is the uise o nuclear reactions that release nuclear energy tae generate heat, which maist frequently is then uised in steam turbines tae produce electricity in a nuclear pouer plant.

Nuclear pouer cannin an aw be lowsed in twa ither ways: nuclear fusion an nuclear fission. Nuclear fusion is the souder o twa atoms intae ane an nuclear fission is the speld o an atom. Baith weys mak muckle amoonts o energy. Thay whiles tak place in naitur. Fusion is the soorce o heat in the sun. Fission is an aw noten in nuclear pouer plants tae mak electricity. Baith fusion an fission cannin be noten in nuclear wappens.

Nuclear pouer creauts a nummer o radioactive bi-products, includin molybdenum, caesium, krypton, neptunium an kynds o iodine.

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