Nuclear pouer

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Nuclear pouer is the pith that hauds thegither the nuclei o atoms. Atoms are the maist blocks that make up matter. Ilka atom has in its center a verra wee nucleus. For ordinar, nuclear pith is hidden ben the atoms. Houaniver, some atoms are radioactive an send aff part o' their nuclear pith as radiation. Radiation is gien aff frae the nucleus o unsiccar isotopes o radioactive products.

Nuclear pith cannin an aw be lowsed in two ither ways: nuclear fusion an nuclear fission. Nuclear fusion is the souder o two atoms intae ane an nuclear fission is the speld o an atom. Baith weys mak lairge amoonts o fushion. They whiles tak place in naitur. Fusion is the soorce of heat in the sun. Fission is an aw noten in nuclear pouer-plants tae mak electricity. Baith fusion an fission cannin be noten in nuclear wappens.

Nuclear pouer creauts a nummer o radioactive bi-products, including molybdenum, cesium, krypton, neptunium an kynds o iodine

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