Generation III reactor

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Model of the Toshiba ABWR, which became the first operational Generation III reactor in 1996.

A Generation III reactor is a development o Generation II nuclear reactor designs incorporating evolutionary impruivements in design developed durin the lifetime o the Generation II reactor designs. Thay include impruived fuel technology, superior thermal efficiency, significantly enhanced safety systems (including passive nuclear safety), an standardized designs for reduced maintenance an capital costs. The first Generation III reactor tae begin operation was Kashiwazaki 6 (an advanced boiling watter reactor) in 1996.

Due tae the prolonged period o stagnation in the construction o new reactors an the conteenad (but declinin) popularity o Generation II/II+ designs in new construction, relatively few third generation reactors haes been built. Generation IV designs is still in development as o 2017, and isnae expeckit tae stert enterin commercial operation until 2020–2030.