Barney Greenway

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Mark Greenway
Mark "Barney" Greenway performin alangside
Napalm Death at Tampere, Finland, 2009
Background information
Birth nameMark Greenway
Forby kent asBarney
Born13 Julie 1969
Great Barr, Birmingham, Unitit Kinrick
Daith metal
ThriftMuisicker, sangster-sangwriter
Years active1987–present
Associate actsNapalm Death
Extreme Noise Terror

Mark "Barney" Greenway (born 13 Julie 1969 in Great Barr, Birmingham) is a Inglis extreme metal sangster, wha haes been a Napalm Death,[1] Extreme Noise Terror,[2] an Benediction.[3] memmer.

Greenway haes statit his eikname "Barney" came frae a time whan he uised tae drink alcohol. He statit he wad become sae bloutert that whan he gaed onywhaur, he wad bump intae awthing. Frae this behaviour, he wad be cried "Rubble", whilk chyngit tae "Barney Rubble" an syne juist "Barney".[4]

Personality[eedit | eedit soorce]

Greenway is a progressive metal fan. He jynt Dream Theater on stage at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club an performed vocals on Metallica's "Damage, Inc." live.[5] He haes reviewed progressive metal baunds an albums for the the Breetish rock magazine Kerrang! tho he disnae ony mair.[6]

Accordin tae the Coventry Evening Telegraph, Greenway is a supporter o Aston Villa F.C..[7] He is a PETA uphauder an haes been a vegetarian syne he wis 14.[8] Barney is recognisable for his strang Birmingham accent whilk haes niver waned an whilk he proodly mainteens, an for his destinctive gruff vocal style that mony feel haes acome synonymous wi Napalm Death.

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