The Complete Radio One Sessions

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The Complete Radio One Sessions
Compilation album by Napalm Death
ReleasedMarch 2000
GenreDaith metal
ProducerNapalm Death
Napalm Death chronology
Leaders Not

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The Complete
Radio One Sessions

Enemy of the
Music Business

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The Complete Radio One Sessions is a compilation album bi Napalm Death featurin aw tracks recordit for BBC radio sessions. Tracks 1-12, which wur recordit for the John Peel show, wur previously released as The Peel Sessions. There are three versions o The Peel Sessions: 1987, 1989, an feenally, the album that compiled aw the sessions thegither, the 1993 version. Aw these tracks wur an aw released as pairt o this langer compilation The Complete Radio One Sessions.

Track leetin[eedit | eedit soorce]

1."The Kill/Prison Without Walls/Dead"0:59
2."Deceiver/Lucid Fairytale/In Extremis"1:52
3."Blind to the Truth/Negative Approach/Common Enemy"1:08
4."Obstinate Direction/Life/You Suffer"1:52
5."Multi-National Corporations/Instinct of Survival/Stigmatised/Parasites"4:13
6."Moral Crusade/Worlds Apart/M.A.D."3:41
7."Divine Death/C.S./Control"3:23
8."Walls/Raging in Hell/Conform or Die/SOB"3:20
9."Unchallenged Hate/Murdered Mentally"4:04
10."From Enslavement to Obliteration/Suffer the Children"5:45
11."Retreat to Nowhere/Scum"2:56
12."Deceiver/Social Sterility"1:45
13."Glimpse into Genocide"2:57
14."Greed Killing"2:54
15."My Own Worst Enemy"3:31

Credits[eedit | eedit soorce]

Tracks 1 tae 8 (Tracks 1 tae 4 - 1987, tracks 5 tae 8 - 1988)

Tracks 9 tae 12 (1990)

Tracks 13 tae 16 (1996)

Due tae illness, Mitch did no play for the 1996 sessions.