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Daith Metal is a kynd o hivy metal muisic that stairtit as an affshuit o thrash metal in 1980s.

Name[eedit | eedit soorce]

There's a nummer o common theories for hou the genre teuk its name. The first is that it cam frae the sang Death Metal bi Possessed that wis on their Seven Churches album in 1985 (an album aften hauden tae be the first album in the genre, predatin the wark o baith Morbid Angel an Death. The seicont is that is wis taen frae a sang o the same name later that year bi thrash metal baund Onslaught. Mair ootower in 1985, genre peeoneers Death pit oot a demo cried Death by Metal. Anither theory is that the genre teuk its name frae the name o the baund Death syne their Scream Bloody Gore made Death Metal mair recognised in the metal warld, an that they war sae associatit wi the genre that they gien it the name. The late Thomas "Quothorn" Forsberg o black metal baund Bathory threapit that he haed cleckit the term as lang syne as 1984, tho his baund wis niver Daith Metal ava.

It aiblins possible, tho no likely, that the 1984 compilation album Death Metal gien the genre its name.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Daith Metal stairtit out in Americae in the aichties as an affshuit o thrash metal. Thrie albums frae atween 1985 an 1987 wis responsible for the bringin oot o Daith Metal frae the ranks o thrash metal. Thir is Seven Churches bi Possessed (1985), Reign in Blood bi Slayer (mair o a thrash metal album, but aye gey influential on the Daith Metal scene) (1986) an the mair definitive Scream Bloody Gore bi Death (1987). As the scene skailt, it teuk on deeferent chairacteristics - in Swaden it becam mair technical, for exemplar. It is aften said that the scene stagnatit in the mid -late 90's (exceptin the sae cried Gothernburg Boom o the late 90's), but in the 2000s the re-kythin o mony aulder baunds as weel as the popularity o baunds sic as Children of Bodom an Nile haes seen tae it that Daith Metal isna gaun tae dee ony time suin, an seems tae be outlastin the thrash metal that it cam frae in terms o innovatin an (ironically) vivacity.

Muisical Chairacteristics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Daith Metal is for ordinar lood, fast an gey intense. Dountuined guitars, gey laich harsk vocals (whiles cried Cookie Monster Vocals bi baith fans an detractors) an fast drummin is staundart. The muisic is aften gey haird tae play, wi time chynges, key chynges an sang structurs bein mair complicatit nor in mony genres, as weel as the drummin an guitar wark takkin a wheen o skeel tae play. The muckle feck o deid metal drummers uises twa bass drums or a double kick pedal. The staundart line-up for Daith Metal baunds is vocals; lead guitar; rhythm guitar; bass guitar; drums - but keybuirds an e'en saxophones is uised forby.

Degrees o technical skeel varies frae baund tae baund an sub genre tae sub genre - the kynd kent as tech deid is clairly gey skeelie, while ither kynds is mair semple tae play.

Leerically, themes reenges frae meesticism tae Satanasim; deid tae meetholigy; nihilism tae politics. Whit wey the genre cam tae be associatit wi dait isna certain; but fechtin, gore an daith is staundart leerical themes aften tae be fund on maist Daith Metal albums.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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