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Speed metal is a sub-genre o hivy metal that originated in the early 1980s frae NWOBHM an hardcore punk roots. It is described bi Allmusic as "extremely fast, abrasive, an technically demanding" muisic.

Motorhead is often credited as the first baund to invent/play speed metal. Other hivy metal baunds, such as Judas Priest an Iron Maiden, haed significant influence on the genre. This can especially heard in their duelin guitar soond, which would come to be a staple o speed metal. Some o speed metal's earlier influences include Queen's "Stone Cold Crazy" (which wis eventually covered bi the thrash metal baund Metallica), frae their 1974 album Sheer Heart Attack, an Deep Purple's sang "Highway Star", frae their album Machine Head. The latter wis called 'early speed metal' bi Robb Reiner of speed metal band Anvil.

Speed metal eventually evolved into thrash metal. Although mony tend to equate the twa subgenres, there is a distinct difference between them. In his book "Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal", Ian Christe states that "...thrash metal relies more on long, wrenching rhythmic breaks, while speed metal... is a cleaner an more muisically intricate subcategory, still loyal to the dueling melodies o classic metal."