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Melodic Death Metal (an aa referred to as Melodeath) is a subgenre o daith metal which combines the melody o the New Wave o Breetish Hivy Metal (NWOBHM) wi the intensity o daith metal. The genre is an aa kent as Gothenburg Metal, a reference tae the ceety in Swaden where it originatit. Originally the genre combined the harmony style an groove melodies o traditional hivy metal wi the harsh thrashin soond an vocals o daith metal. Later the genre evolved due tae mony different influences, a notable evolution in the genre being the addition o keyboards. Melodic daith metal contains mair melodic guitar riffs, melodic solos, an acoustic guitar work than traditional daith metal.

Backgrund[eedit | eedit soorce]

Credit for the creation o melodic daith metal is usually given tae the Gothenburg scene, no a specific baund. Unsurprisingly, it is no certain wha baund originally startit the Gothenburg soond, houever, it is widely acceptit that Dark Tranquillity, At the Gates an In Flames ar three major pioneers o the style; houever history yields that At the Gates began playin a muckle mair contemplative an "Neoclassical" style o daith metal in their early years, vera comparable tae the Finnish act Demilich. It wisna till their later albums (Slaughter of the Soul being the maist commercially kent) when the Gothenburg soond wis recaptured. Some o the earliest releases o melodic daith metal can be tracked back tae the baund Grotesque, wi a demo released in 1988 an an EP in 1990. Grotesque existit for three short years, producin twa demos, a rehearsal tape, an EP an ane compilation album entitled In the Embrace of Evil. This appeared again in the form o a re-release split wi the early At the Gates EP entitled Gardens of Grief. Note that At the Gates wis startit bi umwhile members o Grotesque because o the latter being relatively unsuccessful.

In the late 1990s, mony melodic daith metal baunds changed their style o playin bi addin mair melodic elements; mair melodic choruses an riffs an makin mair prominent uise o keyboards, an their leerics, unlike daith metal, did no focus on daith, violence, gore, horror, or blood for the maist part.

During the mid tae late 2000s, certain melodic daith metal baunds, such as Blood Stain Child, Timecry, Silent Descent, Lost Eden, The Dawn Chose Orion, an Deadlock, began tae incorporate techno or trance beats an atmospheres intae their muisic. This relatively yung style haes been tentatively referred tae as trance metal.

Regional scenes[eedit | eedit soorce]

Maist melodic daith metal baunds ar frae the Scandinavian an Northren European regions, especially frae Swaden an Finland. Comin oot o Finland in the past decade hae been few uprisin baunds in the melodic daith metal genre, includin: Children of Bodom, Insomnium, Kalmah, Mors Principium Est an Norther. While no as mainstream in Denmark, melodic daith metal is popular in the unnergrund muisic scene, an some mair established daith metal acts, such as Illdisposed, hae also acquired a mair melodic soond. In recent years, the genre haes gained somewhat o a popularity boost, acquirin an increasin followin in North Americae, especially amang North American fans o the Scandinavian baunds which still pioneer the genre tae this day; modern metalcore an later deathcore takes influence o melodic daith metal wi baunds includin: DevilDriver, The Black Dahlia Murder, Darkest Hour an Himsa.

Southern/Central Europe haes a growin scene an aa, wi baunds such as Nightrage (Greece, Swaden, Finland, Belgium), Hollenthon (Austrick), Inactive Messiah (Greece) an Disarmonia Mundi (Italy) aw risin tae prominence in the scene, though interestingly, maist baunds in central, continental Europe, seem tae hae incorporatit the mair symphonic elements that haes become a popular aspect o European metal. Anither example is Eluveitie (Switzerland) which incorporates the "Gothenburg soond" wi fowk metal. Ither minor scenes hae begun emergin, especially in the oriental regions, such as Japan, Turkey, UAE an Egyp. Baunds such as Blood Stain Child (Japan) show this sma scene developin. Be'lakor frae Australie ar also a great example an gatherin a lot o interest abroad. Deus Ex Machina frae Singapore an their interest abroad further reinforces this phenomenon.

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