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In Flames

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In Flames
In Flames in concert
Background information
OreiginGothenburg, Swaden
GenresMelodic daith metal
alternative metal
Years active1990–present
LabelsNuclear Blast, Ferret,
Wrong Again, Koch,
Good Fight, Century Media
Associate actsDark Tranquillity, Engel,
Arch Enemy, Ceremonial Oath,
Dimension Zero, HammerFall,
Passenger, All Ends
WabsteidOffeecial wabsteid
MembersAnders Fridén
Björn Gelotte
Niclas Engelin
Peter Iwers
Daniel Svensson
Past membersJesper Strömblad
Glenn Ljungström
Johan Larsson

In Flames is a Swadish melodic daith metal baund formit in Gothenburg, Swaden in 1990. The baund haes sauld ower 5 million records warldwide.


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In Flames, alang wi Dark Tranquillity an At the Gates, pioneerit wha is nou kent as melodic daith metal. The foondin members o aw three baunds aw livit in Gothenburg, Swaden an thay war all friends who shared the same muisical interests.[1] Eventually, that group o friends branchit aff intae three baunds wi the same muisical direction, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, an At the Gates.

Jesper Strömblad formit In Flames tae write muisic that combined the melodic guitar style o Iron Maiden wi the brutality o daith metal, something which Jesper statit he haed niver heard ony baund dae.[2][3] In writin sangs, Jesper an aw decidit tae mak uise o keybuirds, something which wis (at the time) uncommon in daith metal. Iver syne In Flames' debut studio album, Lunar Strain, the baund haes made uise o keybuirds, awtho ither extreme metal baunds sic as Cradle of Filth haed been uisin keybuirds years afore them. Despite thair whiles hivy uise o keybuirds in thair muisic, thay still refuse tae recruit a full-time keybuirdist.[4][5]

Muisical style

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In Flames' muisical style is characterized bi the constant uise o harmonized lead guitar melodies an screamin-style singin alang wi daith groul. In early albums sic as The Jester Race, In Flames wad aften employ twa harmonized lead guitars playin ower a rhythm guitar. Housomeivver, syne the baund anerlie haes twa guitar players, thay foond it haurd tae reproduce those sangs durin live performances an iver syne Reroute to Remain thay hae focused on writin sangs wi the intention o playin them live. On the album Soundtrack to Your Escape, the baund focused on less guitar melodies, givin place for mair synths. Housomeivver, this haes no been continued on the later albums.[6][7][8]

In Flames' vocal style is characterized bi the uise o daith grouls or screamed vocals complementit at times bi clean vocals. In mair recent albums sic as Come Clarity, the baund maks mair prominent uise o clean vocals, especially durin choruses. In Flames' leerics hae an aw variet durin thair career. In early albums sic as The Jester Race an Whoracle, In Flames' leerics focused on astrology, mankind, an ither global themes.[1][9] In later albums sic as Soundtrack to Your Escape an Come Clarity, In Flames' leerics focus mair on personal issues, thouchts, an ither introspective themes.[1][5][9]

Syne Reroute to Remain wis released in 2002, In Flames fan base haes been split acause o the gradual chynge in style, towards a mair alternative soond.[10] Still, In Flames hae a solit an growin warldwide fanbase. The stylistic chynges include screamit an clean vocals, as opposed tae the daith groul on the early records, mair prominent rhythm section an less guitar melodies an solos, mair obvious uise o synthesizers an electronics an a clear influence frae modren American metal in especially the upliftin chorus melodies.[11] This later style o the baund haes been notit bi AllMusic for influences frae baith metalcore[12][13] an alternative metal.[14][15]


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In Flames, bein ane o the pioneers o a new muisic genre, hae influenced mony baunds an maist notably thay wur a direct influence on the new wave o metalcore. Mony metalcore baunds sic as Trivium, Darkest Hour, Slowlife,[16] As I Lay Dying,[17] an Still Remains[18] name In Flames as ane o thair biggest influences. In Flames is an aw a direct influence on mony o the melodic daith metal baunds that hae follaed. Melodic daith metal bands sic as Insomnium,[19] Omnium Gatherum,[20] an Blood Stain Child[21] an aw include In Flames as ane o thair biggest influences.


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