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American sangster Harry Belafonte, in 1954.

Singin is the act o producin muisical soonds wi the voice, an augments regular speakin bi the uise o baith tonality an rhythm. A bodie that sings is cried a sangster or vocalist. Sangsters perform muisic (arias, recitatives, sangs, etc.) that can be sung aither wi or athoot accompaniment bi muisical graiths. Singin is aften duin in a group o ither muisickers, like in a choir o sangsters wi different voice ranges, or in an ensemble wi instrumentalists, like a rock group or baroque ensemble.

In many respects, human sang is a form o sustained speakin; naur onybody that can tae speak can sing an aw. Singin can be formal or informal, arrangit or improvisit. It mey be duin for pleasur, comfort, ritual, education, or profit. Excellence in singin mey require time, dedication, instruction, an regular practice. If practice is duin on a regular basis, then the soonds is said tae be clearer an stranger.[1] Profeesional sangsters uisually bigg their careers aroond ane specific muisical genre, like clessical or rock. They teepically tak voice trainin providit bi voice teachers or vocal coaches throu their careers.


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