Symphonic metal

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Symphonic metal is a term uised tae describe hivy metal that haes symphonic elements; that is, elements that ar either borraeed frae classical muisic or, as wi progressive rock muisic, create a style reminiscent o it, e.g. operatic female lead vocals; instrumentation that includes acoustic guitars an different types o keybuirds insteid o relyin solely on electric guitars; asymmetrical meters such as 5/4 an 7/8, an classical thematic material in addition tae characteristically hivy metal pouer riffs.

When referrin tae baunds frae ither genres, it refers tae baunds who uise minor classical an operatic themes in thair muisic seemilar tae wha ane fynds in the symphonic metal genre, tae shaw thay are mair "symphonic" than ither baunds athin thair genre.