In Tongues We Speak

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In Tongues We Speak
EP (split) by Napalm Death / Coalesce
Released 1997
Genre Daith metal
Lenth 12:15
Label Earache
Producer Napalm Death
Napalm Death / Coalesce chronology
In Tongues We Speak
Inside the Torn Apart
(1997)Inside the Torn Apart1997

In Tongues We Speak is a split EP album bi Napalm Death an Coalesce.

Track leetin[eedit | eedit soorce]

No. Teetle Lenth
1. "Food Chains" (Napalm Death) 3:14
2. "A Safe Place" (Coalesce) 2:53
3. "Upward and Uninterested" (demo version) (Napalm Death) 2:24
4. "Harvest of Maturity" (Coalesce) 3:44

Credits[eedit | eedit soorce]

Napalm Death


  • Sean Ingram - Vocals
  • Jes Steineger - Guitar
  • Stacy Hilt - Bass
  • James DeWees - Drums