Utopia Banished

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Utopia Banished
Studio album by Napalm Death
Released23 Juin 1992
ProducerColin Richardson
Napalm Death chronology
Death by Manipulation
(1992)Death by Manipulation1992
Utopia Banished
The World Keeps Turning
(1992)The World Keeps Turning1992
Profeesional ratins
Review scores
Springheid Ratin
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars [1]

Utopia Banished is the fowert album bi the Inglis grindcore baund Napalm Death. The album wis released in 1992 bi Earache Records. It is the first album featurin Danny Herrera on drums follaein the depairture o Mick Harris.

A limitit edition o this album includit a 3" bonus CD; the vinyl release includit a bonus 7" containin the same material. The version o the album which is currently in print featurs The DVD as a bonus disc, but does no include the oreeginal bonus tracks.

This album pruivit tae be their biggest success, peakin at number 58 on the UK chairt.

The album featurs samples o dialogue frae the muivies They Live an Full Metal Jacket.

Track leetin[eedit | eedit soorce]

2."I Abstain"3:30
3."Dementia Access"2:27
4."Christening of the Blind"3:21
5."The World Keeps Turning"2:55
8."Cause and Effect (Pt. II)"2:07
9."Judicial Slime"2:36
10."Distorting the Medium"1:58
11."Got Time to Kill"2:28
12."Upward and Uninterested"2:07
14."Awake (To a Life of Misery)"2:05
Bonus 3" CD
1."One and the Same"1:50
2."Sick and Tired"1:26
3."Malignant Trait"2:20
4."Killing with Kindness"2:01

Credits[eedit | eedit soorce]

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