The Code Is Red...Long Live the Code

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The Code Is Red...Long Live the Code
Studio album by Napalm Death
Released25 Aprile 2005
GenreDaith metal, grindcore
LabelCentury Media
ProducerRuss Russell
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The Code Is Red...Long Live the Code
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The Code Is Red...Long Live the Code is the twalt studio album bi the Inglis grindcore baund Napalm Death. It wis released in 2005. A muisic video for "Silence is Deafening," directit bi Roger Johansson, wis released later that year.

Some editions o the album wur released wi a bonus disk that contains material frae a variety o daith metal baunds, ane example being Aborted. The Napalm Death sang "Silence Is Deafening" is the 1st track aff the compilation.[1]

Track leetin[eedit | eedit soorce]

1."Silence Is Deafening"3:48
2."Right You Are"0:52
3."Diplomatic Immunity"1:45
4."The Code Is Red...Long Live the Code"3:30
5."Climate Controllers"3:06
6."Instruments of Persuasion"2:59
7."The Great and the Good"4:10
8."Crash the Pose" (Japan pressing bonus track) 
9."Sold Short"2:47
10."All Hail the Grey Dawn"4:13
11."Vegetative State"3:08
12."Pay for the Privilege of Breathing"1:46
13."Pledge Yourself to You"3:14
14."Losers" (anerlie available on Japan pressin an on the limited edition digipak)4:24
15."Striding Purposefully Backwards"2:53
17."Our Pain Is Their Power"2:10

Credits[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sources[eedit | eedit soorce]

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