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Shane Embury

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Shane Embury
Birth nameShane Embury
Forby kent asEmbryonomous
Born27 November 1967
GenresDaith metal, grindcore
InstrumentsBass, drums, guitar
Associate actsNapalm Death
Unseen Terror
Blood from the Soul
Meathook Seed
Malformed Earthborn
Lock Up
Venomous Concept
Anaal Nathrakh

Shane Embury (born 27 November 1967 in Broseley, Shropshire[1]) is a Breetish bassist an member o Napalm Death.

Napalm Death

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Embury is the anerlie member left who haes been in the baund syne the Scum tour, replacin previous bassist Jim Whitley in 1987. He wis a fan o the baund afore he joined, first seein them perform at Midlands venue The Mermaid a year previously.[2]

Ither projects

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Afore joinin Napalm Death, Embury played bass in a daith metal baund cried Azagthoth wi Pete Giles, who wad later play wi him on Unseen Terror performin on the drums. His first baund wis cried Warhammer (again wi Pete Giles) an they released a demo cried Abbatoir of Death.

Embury haes a lang leet o side projects; besides playin wi Napalm Death, he performed in the grindcore baund Unseen Terror wi members o Heresy, a hardcore/metal band called 'Blood from the Soul' wi Lou Koller frae New York's Sick of it All, an industrial baund wi Mitch Harris an several Obituary members cried Meathook Seed, an unconventional baund cried Malformed Earthborn wi Brutal Truth's bass player Dan Lilker, Lock Up an Brujeria, a Mexican daith metal baund. Embury an aa plays wi Napalm Death baundmate Danny Herrera, Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth) an Danny Lilker (Nuclear Assault/Brutal Truth) in the baund Venomous Concept; an haes recently toured wi UK black metal/grindcore baund Anaal Nathrakh. Embury recently resurrectit a muisical project cried Absolute Power which he stairtit in 2000, featurin, as yet, unnamed "celebrity" guests.

Personal life

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He lives wi his wife in Birmingham, West Midlands, an loves horror and science fiction books, movies and comics. As o 2009, baith his airms are tattooed includin the ND logo an the "Life?" image on his left airm.[3]


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