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A muisicker is a person who plays a muisical instrument, especially as a profession.[1] It mey or mey no be the person's profession. Muisickers can be classifeed bi their roles in performin muisic an writin muisic. It's a person who maks muisic a profession an aw, onyane (profeesional or no) who's skilled in makkin muisic or performin muisic creatively, or ane who composes, conducts, or performs muisic (especially instrumental muisic).[2]

Muisickers can be o ony muisic style no limitit tae classical, orchestral or choral, an muisickers can hae skills in mony different styles ootside o their profeesional experience. Examples o muisickers' skills are the orchestration o muisic, improvisation, conductin, singin, composin, arrangin, an/or being an instrumentalist.[3]

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