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City of Manila
Frae top, left tae right: The Manila skyline, Rizal Monument, Fort Santiago, Malacañang Palace, Varsity o Santo Tomas, Manila Ceety Haw, Quiapo Kirk
Banner o Manila
Offeecial seal o Manila
Pearl of the Orient[1]
The City of Our Affections
Distinguished and Ever Loyal City
Linisin at Ikarangal ang Maynila
("Clean and Honor Manila")
Map o Metro Manila showin the location o the ceety o Manila
Map o Metro Manila showin the location o the ceety o Manila
Manila is locatit in Philippines
Map o the Philippines showin the location o Manila
Coordinates: 14°35′N 120°58′E / 14.583°N 120.967°E / 14.583; 120.967Coordinates: 14°35′N 120°58′E / 14.583°N 120.967°E / 14.583; 120.967
Kintra Philippines
RegionNaitional Caipital Region
Destricts1st tae 6t destricts o Manila
Ceety zones100
Settled10 Juin 1574
 • TeepMayor–cooncil
 • MayorAlfredo Lim (Liberal)
 • Vice MayorIsko Moreno (Nacionalista)
 • Representatives
 • Ceety Cooncil
 • Caipital Ceety38.55 km2 (14.88 sq mi)
 • Urban
1,474.82 km2 (569.43 sq mi)
 • Metro
638.55 km2 (246.55 sq mi)
16.0 m (52.5 ft)
 • Caipital Ceety1,780,148
 • Urban
 • Urban density15,400/km2 (40,000/sq mi)
 • Metro
 • Metro density18,567/km2 (48,090/sq mi)
Demonym(s)Manileño (m) / Manileña (f), Manilan
Time zoneUTC+8 (PST)
ZIP code
0900 to 1096
Aurie code(s)2

Manila (Tagalog: Maynila; pronounced /maɪˈnilaʔ/ in Tagalog, /məˈnɪlə/ mə-NIL in Inglis), offeecially the Ceety o Manila, is the caipital o the Philippines an ane o the saxteen ceeties athin the Manila metropolitan aurie, ane o the maist populous metropolitan auries in the warld wi a population o 20 million fowk.[3][4] It is locatit on the eastren shores o Manila Bay on the wastren side o the island o Luzon. Several ceeties lee on its border: Navotas an Caloocan tae the north, Quezon Ceety tae the northeast, San Juan an Mandaluyong tae the east, Makati tae the sootheast, an Pasay tae the sooth.

Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Manila haes a nummer o sister ceeties warldwide, as classifee'd bi the ceety govrenment. Each sister ceety is dividit intae three pairts, namely the International, Friendly location an Local Ceety.[5] Manila haes 33 Internaitional Sister Ceeties, three Friendly Location Ceeties an twa Local Sister Ceeties.

Friendly Location
Local ceety

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