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Taichung City
Clockwise frae top: Taichung skyline, Taichung railwey station, Taichung Intercontinental Basebaw Stadium, Nanhu Moontain, Wind ferm in Taichung, Luce Memorial Chaipel, Naitional Museum o Naitural Science
Banner o Taichung
Official logo of Taichung
Etymology: Taichū (Japanese: 臺中, Taiwan center)
Cultural Ceety (文化城)
Location of Taichung
Coordinates: 24°09′N 120°40′E / 24.150°N 120.667°E / 24.150; 120.667Coordinates: 24°09′N 120°40′E / 24.150°N 120.667°E / 24.150; 120.667
Country Republic o Cheenae (Taiwan)
RegionCentral Taiwan
SeatXitun District
 • MayorLin Chia-lung (DPP)
 • Special municipality2214.90 km2 (855.18 sq mi)
 • Urban
492 km2 (190 sq mi)
Area rank6 oot o 22
 • Special municipality2,781,498
 • Rank2 oot o 22
 • Density1,300/km2 (3,300/sq mi)
 • Urban2,520,000
 • Urban density5,100/km2 (13,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (Naitional Staundart Time)
Postal code
Area code(s)(0)4
ISO 3166 codeTW-TXG
BirdLittle egret[5]
FlowerChristmas Kalanchoe[6]
TreePalimara Alstonia[7]
Websiteeng.taichung.gov.tw (in Inglis)

Taichung (台中; literally "Central Taiwan") is a ceety locatit in wast-central Taiwan wi a population o juist ower ane million fowk, makin it the third lairgest ceety on the island efter Taipei an Kaohsiung. The ceety presently constitutes a provincial ceety apairt frae the adjacent Taichung Coonty. Bi the end o 2010 the ceety an coonty, baith currently first-level divisions o Taiwan, will merge tae form a single direct-controlled municipality.

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