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Sydney is the lairgest an maist populous ceety in Australie an the state caipital o New Sooth Wales. Sydney is locatit on Australie's sooth-east coast o the Tasman Sea. Inhabitants o Sydney are cried Sydneysiders, comprisin a cosmopolitan an internaitional population o fowk frae numerous places aroond the warld.

The steid o the first Breetish colony in Australie, Sydney wis established in 1788 at Sydney Cove bi Arthur Phillip, commodore o the First Fleet as a penal colony. The ceety is built on hills surroondin Port Jackson which is commonly kent as Sydney Harbour, whaur the iconic Sydney Opera Hoose an the Harbour Bridge featur prominently. The hinterland o the metropolitan aurie is surroondit bi naitional pairks, an the coastal regions feature mony bays, rivers, inlets an beaches includin the famous Bondi Beach. Athin the ceety are mony notable pairks, includin Hyde Park an the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Sydney Harbour Brig at nicht

Coordinates: 33°52′10″S 151°12′30″E / 33.8694°S 151.2083°E / -33.8694; 151.2083