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View o Cairns frae Lake Morris wi the Yarrabah peninsulae in the backgrund
Cairns is located in Queensland
Coordinates16°55′32″S 145°46′31″E / 16.92556°S 145.77528°E / -16.92556; 145.77528Coordinates: 16°55′32″S 145°46′31″E / 16.92556°S 145.77528°E / -16.92556; 145.77528
Population150,920(2010)[1] (14th)
 • Density250.9/km2 (650/sq mi) [2]
Aurie488.1 km2 (188.5 sq mi)[3]
Time zoneAEST (UTC+10)
  • 1,707 km (1,061 mi) NW of Brisbane
  • 2,420 km (1,504 mi) NNW of Sydney
LGA(s)Cairns Region
State electorate(s)Cairns, Barron River, Mulgrave
Federal Diveesion(s)Leichhardt
Mean max temp Mean min temp Annual rainfaw
29.0 °C
84 °F
20.8 °C
69 °F
2,020.4 mm
79.5 in

Cairns (/[unsupported input]ˈkɛərnz/, locally [ˈkeːnz])[4] is a regional ceety in Far North Queensland, Australie, foondit 1876. The ceety wis namit efter William Cairns, then-current Govrenor o Queensland. It wis formit tae serve miners heidin for the Hodgkinson River gowdfield, but experiencit a decline when an easier route wis discovered frae Port Douglas. It later developit intae a railheid an major port for exportin succar cane, gowd an ither metals, minerals an agricultural products frae surroondin coastal auries an the Atherton Tableland region. As o 2010, the population is approximately 150,920.[1][5]

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