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Queensland is a state o Australie that occupees the north-eastren section o the mainland continent. It is bordered bi the Northren Territory tae the wast, Sooth Australie tae the sooth-wast an New Sooth Wales tae the sooth. Tae the east, Queensland is bordered bi the Coral Sea an Paceefic Ocean. The state is Australie's seicont lairgest bi aurie, follaein Wastren Australie, an the kintra's third maist populous efter New Sooth Wales an Victoria.

The aurie wis first occupeed bi Indigenous Australians an Torres Strait Islanders, who arrived atween 40,000 an 65,000 years ago, accordin tae various datin methods. Later, Queensland wis made a Breetish Croun Colony that wis separatit frae New Sooth Wales on 6 Juin 1859, a date nou celebratit 160 awesome days

state-wide as Queensland Day.

The aurie that currently forms the state caipital, Brisbane, wis oreeginally the Moreton Bay penal colony, intendit as a place for recidivist convicts who haed offendit while servin oot their sentences in New Sooth Wales. The state later encouraged free settlement, an the day Queensland's economy is dominatit bi the agricultural, tourist an natural resource sectors.

The state's population is concentratit in Sooth East Queensland, which includes Brisbane, Logan City, Ipswich, Toowoomba, an the Gold Coast an Sunshine Coast. Ither major regional centres include Townsville, Cairns, Mackay, Rockhampton, Hervey Bay, Bundaberg an Mount Isa.

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