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States an territories o Australie

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Australie states an territories
PerthAdelaideMelbourneCanberraSydneyBrisbaneDarwinHobartTasmaniaAustralie Caipital TerritoryAustralie Caipital TerritoryWastren AustralieNorthren TerritorySooth AustralieQueenslandNew Sooth WalesVictoriaTasmanieGreat Australie BichtTasman SeaIndian OceanCoral SeaIndonesiePapua New GuineaGulf o CarpentariaArafura SeaEast TimorTimor SeaGreat Barrier Reef
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CategoryFederatit states (6)
Internal federal territories (3)
Freemit federal territories (7)
LocationCommonweel o Australie
Populations0 (Ashmore an Cartier Islands, Heard an McDonald Islands) – 7,704,300 (New Sooth Wales)
Auries10 km2 (3.9 sq mi) (Coral Sea Islands) – 5,896,500 km2 (2,276,700 sq mi) (Australian Antarctic Territory)
SubdiveesionsLocal govrenment auries
Cadastral diveesions

Australie (offeecially kent as the Commonweel o Australie) is a federation o sax states, thegither wi ten federal territories.

Freemit territories, states an territories[eedit | eedit soorce]

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States an territories o Australie[1]
Banner State/territory name Abbrev ISO[2] Postal Teep Caipital
(or lairgest dounset)
Population[3] Area (km²)[4]
[n 1] Ashmore an Cartier Islands External (Offshore anchorage) 0 199
[n 1] Australie Antarctic Territory AAT AQ[n 2] External Davis Station 1,000[n 3] 5,896,500
Australie Caipital Territory ACT AU-ACT ACT Territory Canberra 395,200 2,358
Christmas Island CX External[n 4] Flying Fish Cove 2,072 135
Cocos (Keeling) Islands CC External[n 4] West Island 596 14
[n 1] Coral Sea Islands External (Willis Island) 4[n 5] 10
[n 1] Heard Island an McDonald Islands HIMI HM External (Atlas Cove) 0 372
[n 1] Jervis Bay Territory JBT JBT Territory (Jervis Bay Village) 377 70
New Sooth Wales NSW AU-NSW NSW State Sydney 7,704,300 800,642
Norfolk Island NF External Kingston 2,302 35
Northren Territory NT AU-NT NT Territory Darwin 244,000 1,349,129
Queensland Qld AU-QLD QLD State Brisbane 4,827,000 1,730,648
Sooth Australie SA AU-SA SA State Adelaide 1,706,500 983,482
Tasmanie Tas AU-TAS TAS State Hobart 518,500 68,401
Victoria Vic AU-VIC VIC State Melbourne 6,039,100 227,416
Wastren Australie WA AU-WA WA State Perth[5] 2,613,700 2,529,875

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. a b c d e The national Banner o Australie is uised in territories which hae na banner o thair awn.
  2. Under the definitions in ISO 3166-1, the AAT is covered by the Antarctican ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code "AQ".
  3. No permanent population, research station with fluctuating staff numbers.
  4. a b Part of geographic Australia
  5. No permanent population, weather monitoring station generally with four staff.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Unless providit, references an details on data providit in the table can be foond within the individual state an territory airticles.
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  5. The auld caipital o Wastren Australie wis technically Broome, awtho it wis niver quite defined as such. Perth wis eventually defined as the caipital bi statute in 2016: City of Perth Act 2016 (WA) in AustLII.