New Sooth Wales

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New Sooth Wales
alt text for flag alt text for coat of arms
Flag Coat o airms
Slogan or elk-name The First State
The Premier State
Motto(s) Orta Recens Quam Pura Nites
(Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine)
Map o Australie wi New Sooth Wales hielichtit
Ither Australie states an territories
Coordinates 32°S 147°E / 32°S 147°E / -32; 147
Caipital ceety Sydney
Demonym New Sooth Welshman[1][2]
Govrenment Constitutional monarchy
 • Govrenor David Hurley
 • Premier Gladys Berejiklian (LP)
Australie state  
 • Established as Colony 26 Januar 1788
 • Responsible govrenment 6 Juin 1856
 • Became Australie state 1 Januar 1901
 • Australie Act 3 Mairch 1986
 • Total 809,444 km² (5t)
312,528 sq mi
 • Laund 800,642 km²
309,130 sq mi
 • Watter 8,802 km² (1.09%)
3,398 sq mi
(Mairch 2016)[3]
 • Population 7,704,300 (1st)
 • Densitie 9.62/km² (3rd)
24.9 /sq mi
 • Heichest point Mount Kosciuszko
2,228 m (7,310 ft)
Gross state product
 • Product ($m) $486,482[4] (1st)
 • Product per caipita $67,841 (3rd)
Time zone(s) UTC+10 (AEST)
UTC+9:30 (ACST)
(Broken Hill)
UTC+10:30 (ACDT)
(Broken Hill)
UTC+10:30 (LHST)
(Lord Howe Island)
UTC+11:00 (LHDT)
(Lord Howe Island)
Federal representation  
 • Hoose seats 48/150
 • Senate seats 12/76
 • Postal NSW
 • ISO 3166-2 AU-NSW
 • Floral Waratah
(Telopea speciosissima)[5]
 • Ainimal Platypus
(Ornithorhynchus anatinus)
 • Bird Kookaburra
(Dacelo gigas)
 • Fish Blue groper
(Achoerodus viridis)
 • Mineral or gemstane Black Opal
 • Fossil Mandageria fairfaxi
 • Colours Sky blue
(Pantone 291)[6]
Fuitnotes Coordinates[7]

New Sooth Wales (abbreviatit as NSW), is Australie's maist populous state, an is locatit in the sooth-east o the kintra, north o Victoria, sooth o Queensland, east o Sooth Australie, wast o Jervis Bay Territory an encompasses the whole o the Australian Caipital Territory. The colony o New Sooth Wales wis foondit in 1788 an oreeginally comprised muckle o the Australian mainland, as well as Van Diemen's Land, Lord Howe Island an Norfolk Island in addition tae the aurie currently referred tae as the state o New Sooth Wales, which wis formed during the Federation in 1901.

When Breetain annexed New Zealand in 1840, it briefly became a pairt o New Sooth Wales.[9] Durin the 19t century lairge auries wur successively separatit tae form the Breetish colonies o Tasmanie (established as a separate colony named Van Diemen's Land in 1825), Sooth Australie (1836), Victoria (1851) an Queensland (1859).

Inhabitants o New Sooth Wales are referred tae as New Sooth Welsh or New Sooth Welshmen. New Sooth Wales's lairgest ceety an caipital is Sydney.

New Sooth Wales conteens ane third (33%) o Australie's population.

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