Sooth Australie

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Sooth Australie
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Flag Coat o airms
Slogan or elk-nameThe Festival State;
The Wine State
Map o Australie wi Sooth Australie hielichtit
Ither Australie states an territories
Coordinates30°S 135°E / 30°S 135°E / -30; 135
Caipital ceetyAdelaide
DemonymSouth Australian, Croweater (colloquial),[1] South Aussie
GovrenmentConstitutional monarchy
 • GovrenorHieu Van Le
 • PremierJay Weatherill (ALP)
Australie state 
 • Declared as Colony1834
 • Proclaimit28 Dizember 1836
 • Responsible
22 Apryle 1857
 • Became state1901
 • Australia Act3 Mairch 1986
 • Total1,043,514 km² (4t)
402,903 sq mi
 • Laund983,482 km²
379,725 sq mi
 • Watter60,032 km² (5.75%)
23,178 sq mi
(Mairch 2016)[2]
 • Population1,706,500 (5t)
 • Densitie1.74/km² (6t)
4.5 /sq mi
 • Heichest pointMount Woodroffe
1,435 m (4,708 ft)
 • Lawest pointKati Thanda-Loch Eyre
−16 m (−52 ft)
Gross state product
 • Product ($m)$86,323[3] (5th)
 • Product per caipita$52,318 (7th)
Time zone(s)UTC+9:30 (ACST)
UTC+10:30 (ACDT)
Federal representation 
 • Hoose seats11/150
 • Senate seats12/76
 • PostalSA
 • ISO 3166-2AU-SA
 • FloralSturt's Desert Pea
(Swainsona formosa)
 • AinimalSoothren hairy-nebbit wombat
(Lasiorhinus latifrons)
 • BirdPipin shrike
 • FishLeafy seadraigon
(Phycodurus eques)
 • Mineral or gemstaneOpal
 • ColoursReid, blue, an gowd

Sooth Australie (abbreviatit as SA) is a state in the soothren central pairt o Australie. It kivers some o the maist arid pairts o the continent; wi a total laund aurie o 983,482 square kilometre (379,725 sq mi), it is the fowert lairgest o Australie's sax states an twa mainland territories. Adelaide is the larges cite in the state wit ova 77% of the poplation livin in it incuding surondin cities.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The colony o Sooth Australie was fount in 1834 by the Sooth Australie Ac 1834. The pocmalation of colonial govrmant was in 1836. In the yiir o 1901 Sooth Australie became a state.

Footnotes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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