Darwin, Northren Territory

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City landscape of Darwin, Northern Territory.jpg
Owerleukin the CBD 2015
Darwin is locatit in Australia
Coordinates 12°27′0″S 130°50′0″E / 12.45000°S 130.83333°E / -12.45000; 130.83333Coordinates: 12°27′0″S 130°50′0″E / 12.45000°S 130.83333°E / -12.45000; 130.83333
Population 127,532 (2010)[1] (16t)
 • Density 926/km2 (2,400/sq mi) (2008)[2]
Established 1869
Aurie 112.01 km2 (43.2 sq mi)
Time zone ACST (UTC+9:30)
Mayor Katrina Fong Lim
LGA(s) Darwin, Palmerston, Litchfield
Coonty Palmerston County
State electorate(s) Port Darwin (an 14 ithers)
Federal Diveesion(s) Solomon
Mean max temp Mean min temp Annual rainfaw
32.0 °C
90 °F
23.2 °C
74 °F
1,740.2 mm
68.5 in

Darwin is the caipital ceety o the Northren Territory, Australie. Situatit on the Timor Sea, Darwin haes a population o 127,500, makin it bi far the lairgest an maist populatit ceety in the spairsely populatit Northren Territory, but the least populous o aw Australie's caipital ceeties. It is the smawest an maist northerly o the Australian caipital ceeties, an acts as the Top End's regional centre.

Darwin haes grown frae a pioneer ootpost an sma port intae ane o Australie's maist modren an multicultural ceeties. Its proximity tae Asie makes it an important Australian gateway tae kintras such as Indonesie an East Timor. The Stuart Highway begins in Darwin, endin at Port Augusta in Sooth Australie.

The ceety itself is built on a law bluff owerleukin the harbour. Its suburbs spread oot ower some aurie, beginnin at Lee Point in the north an stretchin tae Berrimah in the east—past Berrimah, the Stuart Highway goes on tae Darwin's satellite ceety, Palmerston, an its suburbs.

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