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(Reguidit frae Perth, Wastren Australie)
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For ither uises, see Perth (disambiguation).
Wastren Australie
Perth Montage.png
Clockwise frae top left: Sunset at City Beach, Black swan an faimily bi the Swan River, St Georges Terrace at nicht, the ceety skyline frae Kings Park, Sorrento Beach, an Parliament Hoose
Perth is located in Australia
Coordinates 31°57′8″S 115°51′32″E / 31.95222°S 115.85889°E / -31.95222; 115.85889Coordinates: 31°57′8″S 115°51′32″E / 31.95222°S 115.85889°E / -31.95222; 115.85889
Population 1.74 million approx[1] (4t)
 • Density 314.9/km2 (816/sq mi) (Juin 2011)[1]
Established 1829
Aurie 5,386 km2 (2,079.5 sq mi)[2]
Time zone AWST (UTC+8)
State electorate(s) Perth (an 41 ithers)
Federal Diveesion(s) Perth (an 10 ithers)
Mean max temp Mean min temp Annual rainfaw
24.6 °C
76 °F
12.7 °C
55 °F
850.0 mm
33.5 in

Perth (/pɜːrθ/) is the caipital an lairgest ceety o the Australie state o Wastren Australie. It is the fowert maist muckle ceety in Australie, wi an estimatit population o 1.74 million livin in the Perth metropolitan aurie.[1]

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