Northren Territory

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The Northern Territory is a federal territory o Australie, occupyin hintle o the centre o the mainland continent, as well as the central northren regions. It shares borders wi Wastren Australie tae the wast (129t meridian east), Sooth Australie tae the sooth (26t parallel sooth), an Queensland tae the east (138t meridian east).

Tae the north, the territory is bordered bi the Timor Sea, the Arafura Sea an the Gulf o Carpentarie. Despite its lairge aurie—ower 1,349,129 square kilometres (520,902 sq mi), makin it the third lairgest Australian federal diveesion—it is spairsely populatit. Wi a population o 229,675 it is the least populous o Australie's aicht major states an territories.