Quezon Ceety

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Quezon Ceety

Lungsod Quezon
Lungsod Quezon
Quezon City
Banner o Quezon Ceety
Official seal of Quezon Ceety
Ceety o The Starns, QC, New York Ceety o the Asie-Pacific
Map o Metro Manila showin the location o Quezon Ceety
Map o Metro Manila showin the location o Quezon Ceety
Quezon Ceety is located in Philippines
Quezon Ceety
Quezon Ceety
Map o Metro Manila showin the location o Quezon Ceety
Coordinates: 14°38′N 121°2′E / 14.633°N 121.033°E / 14.633; 121.033
Kintra Philippines
RegionNaitional Caipital Region
Destricts1st tae 4t destricts of Quezon Ceety
Incorporatit (toun)12 October 1939
(as Diliman Estate)
Incorporatit (ceety)12 October 1939
(By virtue of Commonwealth Act No. 502 as amended by Commonwealth Act No. 659 and Republic Act Nos. 333, 537, and 1575)[1]
 • MayorHerbert M. Bautista (Liberal)
 • Vice MayorMa. Josefina "Joy" G. Belmonte-Alimurung (Liberal)
 • Sangguniang Panlungsod
 • Total166.20 km2 (64.17 sq mi)
17.0 m (55.8 ft)
 • Total2,761,720
 • Density16617/km2 (43,040/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (PST)
ZIP Code
1100 to 1128[3]
Area code(s)2

Quezon Ceety (Filipino:Lungsod Quezon; Inglis: Quezon City) is the umwhile caipital (1948–1976) an the lairgest ceety in the Philippines. Locatit on the island o Luzon, Quezon Ceety (popularly kent tae Filipinos as simply QC) is ane o the ceeties an municipalities that mak up Metro Manila, the Naitional Caipital Region. The ceety wis named efter Manuel L. Quezon, the umwhile preses o the Commonwealth o the Philippines who foondit the ceety an developed it tae replace Manila as the kintra's caipital. Quezon Ceety is no locatit in an shoud no be ramfeeselt wi Quezon province, which wis an aa named efter the preses.

Haein been the umwhile caipital, mony govrenment offices are locatit in the ceety, includin the Batasang Pambansa, the seat o the Hoose o Representatives, which is the lawer chamber in the Philippine Congress. The main campuses o twa noteworthy varsities, the Ateneo de Manila University an the kintra's Naitional University—the University o the Philippines, Diliman—are locatit in the ceety.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety lies on the Guadalupe plateau which is a relatively heich plateau on the northeast corner o the metropolis atween the lawlands o Manila tae the soothwast an the Marikina River valley tae the east. The soothren portion is drained bi the vera narrae San Juan River an its tributaries tae Pasig River, while runnin in the northren portions o the ceety is the equally narrae Tullahan River.

Quezon Ceety is bordered bi Manila tae the soothwast, bi Caloocan an Valenzuela, Philippines tae the wast an northwast. Tae the sooth lies San Juan an Mandaluyong while Marikina an Pasig borders Quezon Ceety tae the sootheast. Tae the north athort Marilao River lies San Jose del Monte in the province o Bulacan an tae the east lies Rodriguez an San Mateo, baith in the province o Rizal.

The ceety can be dividit intae a nummer o auries. The soothren portion o the ceety is dividit intae a nummer o places includin Diliman, Commonwealth, the Project auries, Cubao, Kamias, Kamuning, New Manila, San Francisco del Monte an Sta. Mesa Heights. The northren hauf o the ceety is aften cried Novaliches an contains the auries o Fairview an Lagro. Maist o these auries hae nae defined bundaries an are primarily residential in naitur.

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