Filipino leid

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Filipino is the naitional leid o the Philippines an, alang with Inglis, is an offeecial leid designate in the 1987 Philippine Constitution. Filipino is an Austronesie leid that is based on existin native leids in the Philippines, the maist significant influence bein the Tagalog leid. A fair feck o Spaingie an Inglis loanwirds exist in the vocabular an aa. The Filipino leid remains in evolution, development, an further enrichment on the basis o existin leids o the Philippines an ither leids.

Whiles the term "Filipino" is incorrectly uised as the generic name for aw the leids o the Philippines. Acause o its similarity tae the leid on whilk it is based, it is still whiles identified wi Tagalog.

The Commission on the Filipino Leid (Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino), the regulatin body o Filipino, envisions a process of popularisin regional dialect uisage derived frae regional leids as the basis for standardisin an intellectualisin the leid, stendin throu that the existin inter-ethnic lingua franca to become mair distinctive frae ethnically-specific varieties o Tagalog. Alternatively, leid policies coud conceivably result in the gradual formation a new lingua franca, whilk mey be mair o an amalgam o regional Philippine leids an foreign leids.