Atlético Madrid

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Atlético de Madrid
Full nameClub Atlético de Madrid, S.A.D.
  • Los Colchoneros (The Mattress Makers)
  • Los Rojiblancos (The Red an Whites)
  • Los Indios (The Indies)
  • El Atleti (The Atleti– no tae be ramfeeselt wi the mair leeteral Athletic)
Foondit26 Apryle 1903; 120 years ago (1903-04-26)
GroundEstadio Metropolitano,
Ground Capacity69,860
AwnerMiguel Ángel Gil Marín (52%)
Enrique Cerezo (20%)
Wang Jianlin (Wanda Group) (20%)[1]
PresesEnrique Cerezo
ManagerDiego Simeone
LeagueLa Liga
2022–23La Liga, 3rd o 20
WabsteidClub wabsteid

Club Atlético de Madrid, SAD (Spainish pronunciation: [ˈkluβ aðˈletiko ðe maˈðɾið]}}; Scots: Madrid Athletic Club), commonly kent as Atlético de Madrid, or Atlético, is a Spaingie fitbaw club based in Madrid who play in La Liga.[2] Atlético hae wan La Liga on ten occasions, includin a double in 1996; the Copa del Rey on ten occasions; 2 Supercopa de España an 3 Copa Eva Duarte; in Europe, they wan the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1962, wur European Cup runners-up in 1974 an 2014 UEFA Champions League Feenal,[3] wan the Europa League in 2010 an in 2012, an wan the UEFA Super Cup in 2010 an 2012.

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