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UEFA member associations map.svg
Abbreviation UEFA
Formation 15 Juin 1954; 63 years ago (1954-06-15)
Teep Sports organisation
Heidquarters Nyon, Swisserland
Coordinates 46°22′16″N 6°13′52″E / 46.371009°N 6.23103°E / 46.371009; 6.23103
Region served
54 full member associations
Offeecial leid
Inglis, French, German
Michel Platini[1]
Şenes Erzik[1]
general secretary
Gianni Infantino[2]
Honorary President
Lennart Johansson[1]
Main organ
UEFA Congress
Parent organisation
Wabsteid www.UEFA.com

Union o European Fitbaa Associations (UEFA, Inglis:Union of European Football Associations, French: L'Union des Associations Européennes de Football) is the controllin boady o fitbaw in Europe. It wis formit in 1954 atween the French, Italian an Belgian fitbaw associations. It's heid-quarters wis in Paris afore movin tae Bern an is no basit in Nyon, Swisserland. It haes 52 member kintras sam o wheich are pairt o Asie includin Turkey an Israel. UEFA runs the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League asweel as the European Championships.

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