UEFA Champions League

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The UEFA Champions League (uisually referred tae as simply the Champions League or historically as the European Cup) is an annual association fitbaa cup competition organised bi UEFA since 1955 for the top fitbaa clubs in Europe. The final o the competition is the maist watched annual sportin event warldwide, drawin juist ower 100 million television viewers.

Prior tae 1992 the tournament wis offeecially cawed the European Champion Clubs' Cup but wis uisually referred tae as simply the European Cup or European Champions' Cup. The competition wis initially a straight knockoot competition open anerlie tae the champion club o each kintra. Durin the 1990s the tournament began tae be expandit, incorporatin a roond-robin group phase an mair teams. Europe's strangest naitional leagues nou provide up tae fower teams each for the competition. The UEFA Champions League shoud no be confused wi the UEFA Europa League, umwhile kent as the UEFA Cup.